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YOW.ca :
The Airport Authority, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and Ottawa Police Service have canine units with working dogs in the terminal. In the interest of maintaining safety and security for everyone, it’s important that any passengers and visitors who are accompanied by pets (travelling) or service animals adhere to airport rules. Please note that other pets are not permitted in the terminal.

Service animals
Service animals are welcome at the airport at any time.
Service animals must be leashed and controlled by the owner at all times.
Service animals must be properly identified and/or owner must have proper credentials.
Travelling with a pet
From the time you arrive at the airport, and check-in and/or board your flight, your pet must remain in a carrier at all times.
Please refer to your airline for particular rules and regulations for travelling with a pet.
Pet relief area
A designated pet relief area is located across the street from the passenger terminal (level 1) near the south end of the Parkade. The area is clearly marked and plastic bags and garbage containers are available for disposal.
Please note that there is no pet relief area past security.
I am picking up some people at the Ottawa airport. I want to direct them to wait at the outside arrivals area driveway. What is the post number at the far end of the arrivals driveway?