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PSP : Disabled Veterans Parking Dec 13, '18 Comments: 0

Palm Springs Airport Parking

I know that many airports do not charge parking fees for Disabled vets who have ID and DV license plates, is PSP one of those airports?
Thank you,
Ron Marcum

PSP : Lost cell phone Nov 04, '18 Comments: 0

Palm Springs Airport Traveler Help

Dear Sir/Madam,
I arrived yesterday on an Air Canada flight from Calgary and left my iPhone on the plane. It is in a black sleeve-cover and on the inside it has my email address. Kindly advise where I should go to check it this has been found. Thanks in advance.
Charl Els
(Alt. contact: +1 780 710 5004

PSP : Parking for 6 days Mar 10, '18 Comments: 0

Palm Springs Airport Parking

How much is the rate from 5:30 am Mar 20 until 7pm Mar 25. Is there a shuttle service?

PSP : LOST BAG Nov 25, '14 Comments: 0

Palm Springs Airport Airlines & Baggage


PSP : Who is the distributor? Oct 15, '14 Comments: 0

Palm Springs Airport Food, Shops, Services

My company is launching a line of fabulous, health conscious personal care items that are perfectly packaged for travelers, especially ones who will be flying. Who distributes to your gift shop? We'd love to speak to them. Any help would be very appreciated and who know? Soon you may be able to offer these "on-the-go" care products yourself! Thank you!

PSP : Parking Price May 09, '14 Comments: 0

Palm Springs Airport Parking

Parking went up recently to $12/day. Is there anyplace else to park that is less expensive, that can shuttle you to the airport?

PSP : Headaches severe Mar 26, '14 Comments: 0

Palm Springs Airport General Topics

the last 2 flights. a yr. apart . I had a very bad experience. I started getting little pinpricks across my forehead which increased in intensity. pain was horrible. had to have me checked out before they would allow me to board my connection flight. Saw dr. they said sinus or migraine. Don't have a problem with either thing. I have too fly. But, now I am terrified to try again. Anyone have this experience?

PSP : Lost and Found? May 10, '13 Comments: 0

Palm Springs Airport General Topics

I left my prescription glasses in the woman's washroom on Monday, May 6, 2013. Is there a possibility they could be returned to me? Just curious

PSP : Amazing Dollar Rent a Car Employee! May 03, '12 Comments: 0

Palm Springs Airport General Topics

Rhonda and I from Vancouver,BC was so pleased with our Customer service Rep Lynn from Dollar Rent a Car... so very cheerful and helpful! If she could please call me at 604-607-7908 and leave a direct line that she could be reached at that would be great! We had issues in San Diego when we returned the rental 3 hours late. There seems to be no other way to reach Lynn... please let her know... We were at PSP airport Apr 27 and returned the Ford Fusion Apr 28th at 2 pm... thank you so much!

PSP : Rude employees Jan 04, '12 Comments: 0

Palm Springs Airport Parking

I stopped at American Airlines to help a handicapp person and unload his luggage and was given a ticket. I called to find out if I could mail a check and they told me to call Irvine # and then Irvine told me to call Palm Desert #. Back and forth and no right answer