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PTY : 11 Hour Layover in PTY Mar 24, '19 Comments: 0

Panama Tocumen Airport Layover Ideas

I have lounge access with Priority Club. I was wondering if the 4 hr max stay is strictly enforced if the area isn't congested with people? I have a 11 hr layover and really don't want to leave the premises to go to a hotel. Any thoughts or other ideas to pass the time?

PTY : Pet relief Area Mar 04, '19 Comments: 0

Panama Tocumen Airport Traveler Help

Is there a pet relief area in the Tocumen Airport ? If so, where is it?

PTY : Depart SJO to PTY with 45 min connection to IAD Apr 29, '18 Comments: 0

Panama Tocumen Airport Gate Connections

Is this enough time to make the transfer?

PTY : lay over Mar 05, '18 Comments: 0

Panama Tocumen Airport Gate Connections

when you have a 12 hrs lay over do you get your luggage or it is book through to your destination?

PTY : Do I have to change terminal Feb 24, '18 Comments: 0

Panama Tocumen Airport Gate Connections

I will be flying Copa Airlines on the 5th march flight 674 from Barranquilla Columbia to Panama City my layover time is 44 minutes than Copa Airlines flight 422 to Montreal International airport in Quebec. Do I have to change terminal and how far to get to my next departure gate. Thank you

PTY : Dept of Zoonosis Jun 18, '17 Comments: 0

Panama Tocumen Airport General Topics

Where is it located? On site? Before or after Immigration?

PTY : getting from int terminal to domestic terminal Jun 08, '17 Comments: 0

Panama Tocumen Airport Gate Connections

I can't get the map to come up and I only have 1 hour between landing in Panama City flight 479 and leaving for David flight 15. How do I get from where I come in to where I need to go. Don't have gate numbers yet.

PTY : Disposable phone May 30, '17 Comments: 0

Panama Tocumen Airport General Topics


Do any stores in the airport sell disposable phones?

Please, advise,

PTY : Best Airport transportation Jul 31, '14 Comments: 1

Panama Tocumen Airport Ground Transport

I love IFLY.COM good prices, i also book my airport trasportation in Panama Tourism & Travel good Price and excelent service . I recommend this company .
Sounds like and advert or self promotion

PTY : park and Fly May 09, '13 Comments: 4

Panama Tocumen Airport Parking happy they are here at Tocumen...everyone was very nice and helpful......It was a bit difficult to locate the place the first time.It is so close to airport you could walk there.Shuttle service was excellent..
Hi Pedasikippy, I found your comment about park and Fly service at Tocumen airport and I'd like to ask you just few information because I'd like to choose this solution for my 6 day trip to Chile. From you experience, did you find the rate reasonable and the parking secured? Thanks in advance for your time.
I have used them twice now,,,once for 20 days and the other for 17 days and my friends here in Pedasi also used them and we have been very happy with service and security......the hardest part is finding them the first time....
Thanks. I found them. They look serious.
can you pls tell me the company name and/or phone number? i do not know where they are nor do i know their full name.