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Am I right in thinking that the AF check-in desks are in 2E only, with Halls M and L only having departure gates? Where is the LISA shuttle located in the main 2E buildidng?

My thanks in advance.
I am staying in holiday inn CDG after they changed my flight time it will be difficult to be on time unless KLM provides my transportation from my hotel to CDG my flight number AF 1240
This is not any airline or airport's website. Why would the airline pay for your transport to the airport?
I will be arriving AF at CDG Terminal 2E and will be taking the Le Bus bus (replaced the AF shuttle service) to Gare de Lyon. The Le Bus website says that for Terminals 2E and F, you catch their buses at the Bus Station on the Arrivals Level. Can anyone tell me just where the Bus Station is?? Thank you.
I am landing at CDG at 11:15 am., Terminal 2E. I am wondering how much time getting through customs, collecting my baggage and getting to the TGV will take. Does anyone know where the baggage claim is in Terminal 2E or how far the TGV station is from baggage claim? Thanks for your help.
I would budget an hour although it will probably take less time.
The TGV-RER railway station ″Aéroport Charles de Gaulle 2-TGV ″ is underneath terminal 2, between terminals 2C/2E and 2D/2F.
I am a US citizen flying from Boston to CDG, after I arrive I will need to take a train to Brest, France. how close is the train station and will it be difficult to get there.Also, how long does it usually take to make it through customs...I will have a connection in Iceland(KEF), not sure how it works with connections into other countries. Thanks in advance.
You won't have to do much once you arrive in Paris. There is a TGV station in the airport, but I'm not sure if there's a direct train from there to Brest - you'll have to check the schedule. You may have to take the RER and/or Metro to one of the major Paris train stations first.

Arriving CDG sunday 31 st July at 16.20 from edinburgh with easy jet
Easybus transfer to central Paris is at 16.45
With hand luggage would it be possible to make this connection?
Next bus is 18.00
have had several bad experiences at CDG last months, mostly about poor baggage handling and extreme waiting times at immigration. Have no real other solution than flying via CdG. Now booking at least 3 hrs of change over time, anyone knows the customs situation at CdG these days?