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CDG Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I am flying from London to Ezeiza in Argentina and connecting in CDG Paris. I have 3:40hs for connecting. Is that enough for me to take my final flight to Argentina? I'm asking because from the Embassy they recommend me to be there 5 hs earlier but that's impossible for me.
I'm arriving at De Gaulle airport terminal 1 around 11:20 and the I have to go to terminal 2F to catch a flight# AF 7528 to Toulouse at 12:45 pm . Do i have enough time for that flight?
IS 2 hours enough with change of terminals and no checked bags
Is one hour and twenty minutes time enough to change from a British Airways flight Chicago to Paris and make a connection with an Easy Jet flight from Paris to Biarritz
I am on a AF/DL flight coming from ATL scheduled to land at 10:45AM at CDG and then I take a AF connecting flight to BCN scheduled for 12:15. Will i have enough time to make the flight? All flights are under one ticket.
Landing in CDG on August 14 at 7:55 am and need to make a connecting flight from 2E to 2F at 9:20 am but need to clear customs. I have 1 and 1/2 hours to do so. Is this possible?
coming from Nice to catch my return flight to Los Angeles I bought a separate 1 way ticket from Air France AF7701 arriving at CDG at 11:40 am do I have enough time to check in luggage for my flight AF72 leaving at 1:25pm at aerogate 2 Terminale E going back to Los Angeles
arriving at CDG at 12:10pm from Nice is there enough time to connect to another fight to Los angeles at 1:20 pm both flights are from Air France but tickets are bought separately at different time
If I'm coming into CDG from Dubai headed back to the states do I clear customs in CDG and what should I plan on time to clear if so?
We plan to fly NY to Lorient, arriving at CDG Terminal 2E (I think) and Lorient flight goes from Terminal 2G. Is 1 hour 10 minutes enough time to make the connection?