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Arriving CDG from Budapest on AF 1395 into Terminal 1.
Departing CDG to Atlanta on AF 688 from 2F
Is there enough time for transfer?
Arriving terminal 2D (AF 1415), departing terminal 2E (DL 107). How do I make the connection? Is this enough time?
I'm arriving CDG Terminal 2E and want to access the Air France Arrivals Lounge in 2C. Will I be able to travel to that terminal for access after debarking and clearing customs/passport control?
I will be flying AA Flt. 48 into CDG arriving at 0755. I am ticketed on El Al Flt. LY320 leaving at 1120 for TLV. I will have to retrieve my one bag and recheck it . Since I am only transferring and not actually entering France, will I have to go through immigration and customs? Is three hours sufficient time to make the transfer?
I will be flying Delta ( Air France ) from Florence connecting in Paris for a flight to Atlanta. Do not change carriers. Is this enough time for transfer?
Air France TORONTO to Paris deGaulle and connecting Czech airlines to Prague. One hour and fifty minutes to make connection. Enough time?
Is 2 hours sufficient connecting time between El AL flight and American at GDG? Anyone know which terminals they use?
Both airlines use Terminal 2A.
My flight (Norwegian air) from USA is scheduled to land at CDG at 12:30 pm, and I plan to fly to Venice Italy from CDG. Air France has a flight at 3pm, Easy Jet has one at 5 pm, to Venice. Should I book the Air France at 3 pm (150 minutes connecting time) or Easy Jet at 5 pm to be safe? I assume I need to clear Immigration and Customs, then Security again, to get to the connecting flight, not sure how much time should I allow. Thanks!
I will be arriving on United from Newark at 7:30 am. I will fly to Malaga, Spain. I have the choice of taking a 10:10 am flight or a 1:00 pm flight on Air Europa. I will have to check luggage. Which flight to Malaga is the best choice?
Will be arriving at CDG on Iceland Air. Looking to book a RT to Florence, Italy. Is there an airline on that route from the terminal we arrive at from Reykjavik?
Icelandair arrives in Terminal 1. All nonstop flights from Paris to Florence use Terminal 2 (Air France is the only airline that flies nonstop from CDG to Florence).