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Hello.I am Georgian citizen.I have Air France flight from Sao Paulo to Baku via CDG airport(paris-baku is Air france flight,operated by Azerbaijan airlines). I have terminal change in CDG from terminal 2E to 2D. Do I have to take passport control and is there any kind of visa needed?
That is still a sterile transfer (no passport control). Citizens of Georgia can do sterile transits of the Schengen Area without a transit visa.
Arriving from Seattle on Delta May 27 on way to Basel Switzerland. First stop is CDG with 2 hr layover. Second stop is Amsterdam with 1 hr layover before HOP flight to Basel. Will I have enough time in these connections. I know I have to go through passport control and security at CDG. Will i have to go through screening again in Amsterdam on my way to Basel? Thanks.
Hi, I am traveling from Detroit to Mumbai with a layover in Paris for 3hrs and 5mins. My US visa stamping has expired. I will be leaving US for India. Do I need a transit visa to make a connecting flight via Paris.
Yes, assuming you are an Indian citizen, since your US Visa is no longer valid you will need a Schengen Airport Transit Visa issued by France.
US Citizen flying from Vienna to Salt Lake City through CDG. Arrival from Vienna Terminal 2D departing from Terminal 2E Connection time is 1 hour 25 minutes. I'll have checked bags. Is this enough time?
Yes, that should be enough time. You just have to go through Schengen Exit Passport Control and to your departure gate.
Hi, I am arriving 2C at 19:30 and leaving from 2F at 21:00 is it enough time with checked bags? Thx
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I am looking at flights into CDG where I will need to switch to a flight to Sevilla on Iberia/Vueling. How much time will I need? I'll have to collect my bag first, so will I need to pass through customs, too, or just security?
Forgot to mention that I'm flying into CDG on Air France.
Where are you flying into CDG from?
From Dulles, Washington, D.C.
I would want at least 3 hours. You will have to go through Schengen entry passport control, claim your bags, take the CDGVAL to Terminal 3, re-check your bags with Vueling, and go through security.
lading by Air France from Mumbai @7.35 T2E and departing to St. Maarten @ 10.30 T2F. Hold valid US visa.Do i require transit visa/passport control
Since you hold a valid US visa, no you don't. You will not go through passport control.
We're flying from SEA to CDG on Delta without checked bags. Looks like we arrive in 2E, and we head to FCO on Alitalia from terminal 2F. Total layover time of 2.5 hours. It sounds easy enough, but it's our first trip to Europe. Do we do both security check and passport control?
The ticket was one booking through Delta, if that matters.
You will just go through passport control. You have enough time if the flight from Seattle is on-time.
Awesome. Thanks. You are like a CDG wizard.
CDG makes a lot more sense when you actually get there compared to looking at a map. (actually the same could be said of a LOT of things in France).
Flying to Mumbai, India from Toronto via Paris. Arriving at Charles De Gaulle T-2A and departing from T-2C with layover time of 1hr 40 minutes. Is that enough time. Flying Air Canada and Jet Airways (same ticket). Also do I need a transit visa? Indian passport holder studying in Canada.
Since you will presumably be holding a valid visa for Canada, you do not need French airport transit visa. You have enough time.
Hi. Next week we arrive at CDG on a Delta flight from the US at 7:50am and depart on an AF/CityJet flight to Dublin at 9:40am. They were booked through Delta on a single ticket and apparently arrive into and depart from 2E. We are US citizens and will have checked bags. Am I interpreting the CDG website correctly that we will have to go through a security check but not passport control? Do we have to pick up our checked bags, take them through security, and then drop them off again, or will they be transferred for us while we take only our carryons through security? Finally, if both flights are on-time, are we likely to have trouble making this 1hr50min layover in the morning? Thanks for any advice.
Yes, that is plenty of time. Correct you will not go through passport control as you are not entering the Schengen area nor will you claim your bags.
Im traveling from hk to bogota. I have a layover innCDG for 4 hours. Im traveling with my dog as a checked baggage. Do i need to do any docs for my dog for the transit in Paris?
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