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Traveling from Atlanta, arriving at 6 am, connecting flight leaves from the same terminal at 7 am to Budapest. Is 1 hour will be enough? Is there passport check to go through?
Yes, you have to go through Schengen Entry Passport control. That should be just enough time.
Thanks. We barely made it, BUT made it.
All one AirFrance ticket reservation. Arriving from USA at 2E at 5:40 am connecting to 7:00 am flight to Budapest out of 2F. Is one hour 20 min. enough time that early in the morning? Will be Sky Priority if that helps.
Hi we are travelling on a through-ticket from Ncle-Cdg-Mumbai my question is we land in T2E and take of from T2E but from Gate 44 zone M does anyone know is this all on the same level, plus how long this will take us to reach this gate and can it be done on foot.
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My parents are arriving into Terminal 2A and we are flying into Terminal 2F at Charles DeGaulle. What is the easiest meeting point for us to regroup at?

Thank you for your help.

Hello, we (2 US citizens) have a 2 hour layover at CDG -- separate tickets. We arrive from the US on a flight at 7:45 AM Tuesday - terminal 2F. Our next flight is to Seville, Span from Terminal 3, leaving at 9:45. We will not be checking any bags. Should I cancel and rebook (for a cost) or risk it?
I am thinking of booking an Air France flight from Tel aviv to EWR with 1 hour and 10 minutes layover in CDG and I would like to inquire with if this enough time to make it to the connection flight.
That should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
US citizen returning home from Rome with checked bags. Flying Alitalia from FCO to CDG arriving Paris at 5:00, then transferring to Norwegian for a 6:20 to Boston. What is our process in Paris? Is an hour and twenty minutes enough time? The two flights are booked on separate reservations.
That is absolutely not enough time.
What is the process that I will go through in Paris? How much time do I need?
You have to claim your bags in Terminal 2, take the CDGVAL to Terminal 1, re-check them with Norwegian, then go through Schengen Exit Passport Control and Security. You need at least 3 hours.
Thanks for your comment
To your knowledge does it require a terminal change?
Arriving from BLR India to CDG by AirFrance and then to SEA by Delta. Is 2 hours enough for the connection? Does it require a terminal change? Indian Citizen. Do I have to go through Security and Passport Control? Will the bags be checked through to SEA or do we need to claim it in CDG?
is there time to make the flight
how do we make the connection?
This is an extremely simple connection -- no security or passports. Basically you just go up from the arrival level to the departure level at 2F, following the signs for correspondance 2F and your new gate number. 10 mins max. So no issue if your inbound is on time. I am assuming this is on a single ticket.
My wife and I has a trip that has a connection in CDG. Our flights are SFO-CDG via UA and CDG-MUC via LH. I do believe both flights are at Terminal 1. Will 1.5 hours be enough?
Yes, that should be enough time. Terminal 1 is pretty simple.