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ORY Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I will arrive via Air france from JFK airport in the US about 6:30 a.m.
At which terminal will it arrive?
My Air France flight to Marseilles leaves about 7:45 a.m.
from which terminal will it depart?
How much time is required to transfer between terminals?
do we walk between terminals or take some transportation? What type of transportation would we take? rail? bus?
I will be arriving in Orly on Aug 18 at 1300 on Iceland Air S Terminal (Flt #548). I will be departing via Air France at 1430 (Flt A319) to Biarritz.

I can't tell from the diagrams which terminal I will be departing from and since I only have 1-1/2 hr between flights I am hoping you can give me some idea if I'm going to have enough time. I will only have a carry on to worry about.

Thank You