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Hello- Is the Garage Parking for a max of $20/day available for Long Term parking- 5 days?
Where is the free cell parking area located, is there free shuttle service to it if it is distant from the airport?
Cell phone parking is for you to wait in your car until your group calls you when they arrive, then you drive to the terminal to pick them up on the arrivals level.
Just curious if I pay when I leave and is there security to keep cars safe? I will be traveling over the christmas holiday. I don't want to have to depend on someone to drop me off or pick me up.
Im anxious about leaving my car unattended for that long.
The terminal parking shows parking 'up to 24 hours'. Can I park in the E-F garage for 2 full days, almost 48 hours?
My Mom and I are flying on Delta Flight Number DL 864 on Monday 16 Oct 2017. She's 94 years old my need some assistance. Which parking garage should we take for the shortest possible route to the Check in counter?
Is there a bridge or crosswalk from F Parking to F terminal?
Where is the easiest place to park for pick up of a Mom, baby and baggage?
Leaving on frontier and returning on united where is the best place to park first time at this airport
Flying internationally for 1 week and need to park as cheaply as possible. How much time will be needed to get to the international terminal?
Is it possible to walk (rather than take a rather long shuttle ride) from long-term parking to Terminal F, which appears quite near to the south end of the parking lot?
Well, I answered my own question. Yes, you can walk from long-term parking to Terminal F, and presumably from there to other terminals. There is a sidewalk starting at the southeast edge of the lot (by the car entrance there) that goes right to Terminal F in a 5 minute walk. Of course, it may take you longer to walk INSIDE the lot to get to that sidewalk, depending on where you've parked. And it may be a bit hard on your luggage wheels!