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Where in the airport are there lottery vendors? Where in each terminal would be helpful.
Terminal B gate 10 no one would take cash for the drink i was trying to buy. Is this policy at the airport ?
Our children are coming in to PHL. They were booked for earlier flight but due to medical problem, they got off the plane that was delayed in Minneapolis, but luggage arrived at PHL (via Delta) on the earlier flight. What is the latest time today we can pick up their luggage?
Is there a duty free shop in terminals A or F
Yes. Go to and look at the terminal information for more info.
I will be arriving from Europe and I believe international flights arrive at terminal A. I will need to purchase a SIM card for my iPhone (unlocked) so I can make calls in the U.S. Is there a tech store that sells SIM cards in the airport? Thanks in advance.
Are there eating places in terminal F?
Yes, there is a full food court there.
Are you able to shop at the stores in the terminals without having sticker to fly?
You need a boarding pass to depart that day. The airport stores are all inside security.
I'll be arriving after midnight and will have to kill some time before being picked up. Is there anything open within the security area? Outside the security area?
Hi there,

Am I able to use Skycap services for checking luggage for an American Airlines transatlantic flight? I depart PHL for Shannon, Ireland on Aug 13 and would like to use the Skycap to avoid waiting in line inside the terminal.

Thank you!
Curbside check-in? You can use that for most international flights.
Thank you!
We're do they sell Gemini Jets at the airport terminal before security? Thanks