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Hi! I am flying from Buffalo to San Juan PR with American airlines going on a cruise. The flight AA4681 arrives in PHL at 7:23 am GATE A13 and departs for SJU at 8:05am GATE A23 Feb 25, 2018 The cruise leaves SJU at 10:00pm Feb 25, 2018 Is the layover too short?
I arrive from london at 13.35 and depart the same day for Burlington at 15.50 is that enough time to clear customs get bag and recheck in?
Yes, that is enough time.
Hello I am arriving on a Lufthansa flight and have 1:15 minutes to connect to a domestic American Airlines flight to Detroit. Will I make it? I have to clear customs and go through domestic security again I would think. How do I connect between terminals?
Zero Chance, especially if you have checked bags. All terminals are connected by walking.
The Zurch flight moved from JFK to PHL starting March. I now have 1 hour and 12 minutes to connect from international arrival in A to likely B or C (most AA American flights leave from those gates). This will be in May. The good news is that I am Global Entry/Pre-TSA, and doing only carry-on. I also will be traveling through PHL on the way to ZRH, so can check out walks, etc.

Do you think that will be enough time to connect if flights are on time? Also I am business class from ZRH, so should be off plane first. Otherwise the next connection is 5 hours later!!
With carry-ons only and Global Entry I think you can do it.
I'll be taking an international flight out of PHL- coming in on Gate C17 at 5:20 pm and departing from Gate A25 (A-W concourse?) at 6:50pm. What's the best way to connect (walk or bus/tram?). Is timing ok
The best and only way is to walk. You should have plenty of time.
I'm flying into Philadelphia from Nashville with 47 min layover to Albany ny. Is that enough time. Not sure how far the gate will be to connect? Thank you
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time.
I have a flight coming into terminal f and I need to catch terminal a for a flight out one hour later. Will I make it?
Yes, that is enough time to walk or take the airside shuttle.
Arriving from Columbus OH and flying out to Lisbon, Portugal. Will I have to go thru security again when changing terminals?
No, you will not have to go through security again on your way to Lisbon.
is connected to the other terminals so you can reach it walking?
Yes, it is connected by walkways to all other terminals.
About how long will it take walking ...... at a fairly brisk pace?
About 10 minutes I would guess.