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Factoring my questions below in:
How much time should I expect to need from arrival Concourse A, go through passport check, and get to Concourse F via shuttle to catch my connecting flight to DAY ?
*Would an estimated layover of 1 hr 48 min be enough time?
* As with my outgoing flight from DAY to MAN where I didn't have to deal with my luggage once checked in at DAY Airport... can I assume my luggage will go straight from MAN-DAY without further a-do for me as well?
*Also, please advise which passport line pertains to me as a permanent resident (green card holder).
Thank you for your help :)
Your luggage will NOT go straight through. You have to claim it in PHL to take it through US Customs then re-check at the re-check desk right after. As a permanent resident, you can use the "fast" APC immigration line.
About luggage not going through: Is this just at PHL for Transatlantic flights or would it be the same for in OHD ? Do you know where I can turn to if there are services to help those with disabilities? I can't lug heavy things due to my heart. I'll have help on MAN & DAY end, but none in PHL. Thank You, ZAP, for your time and the 'fast' tip line - greatly appreciated! Oh, is 1 hr 48min enough time do you think?
I am looking at an American Airlines flight ( American Eagle) into Philadelphia airport at 7:56a.m. With an international departure at 9:40 a.m. on Qatar. I figure I must collect my checked bags and then go thru security to board Qatar; am I leaving a 65 year old man enough time so as not to miss my flight?
If both flights are on the same reservation you don't have to do anything with your bags or go through security on your way to Qatar. Just go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
Thanks Zap; the American Eagle comes into Terminal A East and Qatar Airlines leaves from Terminal A time is ok?
Hi, we fly from Manchester to Miami and have a connecting flight in Philadelphia do we have to exit customs and re check in or can we just follow connections and stay in transit many thanks.
Assuming you are coming from Manchester, England, In Philadelphia you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and to your departure gate.
On an upcoming flight we will be flying into terminal F on a American Eagle flight and will be taking a domestic American Airline flight from either terminal A, B or C, not sure at this time. My wife will have an issue with a long walk and we only have a 40 minute connection. I read they have a shuttle bus between terminals F and either A or C. My question is which would be faster the shuttle bus or requesting a wheelchair and walking? How often does the shuttle run and how long does the trip take? Thanks.
The shuttle runs nearly constantly and takes about 10-15 minutes. That's a tight connection.
My wife is traveling from Chicago through Philly to Glasgow (ORD->PHL->GLA) on American Airlines. Returning same, i.e., GLA->PHL->ORD. Will she need to re-check bags or go through security in Philly? Can you tell me which terminals she will fly in and out of (both directions)? Thanks
On the way to Glasgow all she has to do is go from her arrival gate to her departure gate. On the way back to Chicago she has to go through US Immigration, claim her bags, go through US Customs, re-check her bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and to her departure gate. The Glasgow flights will operate from Terminal A. The Chicago flights will be to/from A, B, or C.
Thanks ZAP! Very useful.
My partner is encounter from SF to Philly and flight got delayed by 1 and half hours, he has a connecting flight to Dublin leaving from Gate A22 at 9.00pm. He is expected to land at 8.24pm at gate C19. Will he make the connection? His luggage is meant to go direct to the flight he doesn't need to collect it! Just worried he won't make it!!!!
how long will it take to walk from terminal c to terminal a
Maybe 10 minutes, 15 if you're really slow.
Hi, In January I'm planning to travel from Chicago to Philadelphia, arriving at 4:30pm and then depart at 6:30pm from PHL to Paris. It's all on one AA reservation. If the terminals of arrival and departure that day are the same as today, both fights are at terminal A. Questions:

1 - Will I have to collect baggage and re-check it for the international flight, or is the baggage checked through for me?

2 - Do I go through another security check for the international flight?

3 - If I have to collect baggage and recheck it, do I have time for all this with 2 hours? What if the plane from Chicago were delayed? What would be the minimum time necessary to make the change?

Many thanks in advance
All you have to do on your way to Paris is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have plenty of time.
Thank you, Zap! I am grateful for your quick and very helpful response!
What is reoommended here - trust the shuttle, or try to “run” it? There are 44 minutes between arrival at Terminal F and Departure at A13.
I would probably run but that's just me.

Flying in from London, and I need to catch a flight onwards to Cancun, leaving 1hour and 50mins after i land i PHL. Is this enough time for a EU citizen to recheck baggage, go through security etc.?

If both flights are on the same reservation that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.