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How long from terminal A OR b. To this flight only have 45 min
Gate number for AA4892 TO ITHACA
Your flight to Ithaca will depart from Terminal F. You find out your exact gates from the day of your flight.
We are taking the first flight out of ROC morning of 10/28 to Philadelphia. Upon arrival will have to go from terminal F to A-West. Is this doable in 59 minutes, what is the best/quickest way and do we need to be concerned that our luggage will likewise make it?
Yes, that is possible. Take the shuttle bus.
hi flying 25th to philly want to know how far do you have to go after we land to pick up luggage to go and board plane to Orlando thank u
Where are you flying into Philadelphia from? What airlines are you flying?
How long do I have to make a flight between Terminal B and Terminal F? I have about 45 minutes between flights. Thanks for your help!
That's possible but it doesn't leave much time to spare if the first flight is delayed.
My first international trip. Being dropped off at airport.
Terminal A for Rome Italy
Is there a drop off spot?
Yes, there is a whole departure level where you can be dropped off.
How do we get from a to f
There's a shuttle bus inside security.
Is there a drop-off and security check in for Terminal F? My son is having a friend drop him for a flight later this week. Can he be dropped at the terminal and check-in?
Yes, there is.
arrive at F and depart at A , how long and is there a straight shuttle to A?
Yes, there is a shuttle straight to A. It takes about 15 minutes.
coming in gate C-17 and leaving. A-26 in terminal 4. I have 43 minutes til takeoff.
Philadelphia doesn't have a "Terminal 4". If those gates are accurate, you do have enough time.
Shuttle or walk?
So I am coming into Philly suposedly at gate C-22 and need to get to A-21 -West I only have 61 minutes to get to that A-West gate do I have enough time or am I going to need to run to the next gate ??
Yes, that is enough time if your first flight is on-time.