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How long will it take to walk from Terminal F, gate 18 to Terminal C, gate 24?
10-15 minutes.
I land in Terminal A on American and depart from Terminal C on American but only have 40 minutes between flights? Am I going to have a problem? and what are my options?
It's possible but leaves no time to spare. You can walk from A to C. If you miss your connection you will be rebooked on the next available flight to your destination.
I supposedly have 1hr30min between flights. Arrive Terminal B, Gate B5 and need to get to Terminal F, Gate F17 - easiest way?
Take the shuttle bus. you have enough time.
Time from terminal B to C
5-10 minutes.
Hi there,

Im looking at flights for an upcoming trip and the flight home is Charlotte-Philadelphia-Dublin. The layover is only 59 mins, will that be enough time to catch the connecting international flight?

Many thanks
Yes, that is enough time. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I am flying from dublin to philadelphia and then onto vegas tomorrow. My AA itinerary states 'Baggage 2' in philadelphia. Do i need to collect bags and re-check? I know i pass US immigration in dublin
You don't have to do anything with your bags in Philadelphia.
Thanks so is it just a matter of going from the plane to my new departure gate?
Yes, that is correct.
What is the best procedure for going from terminal F to Terminal A-West, and how long would it take?
Take the shuttle bus. It takes about 15 minutes.
Where do we check in at Philadelphia airport for British Airways
Terminal A. However, look at your ticket. Unless you are flying to London on your first flight, then your flight is operated by American Airlines.
My itinerary was changed by AA to a tighter connection than I had originally scheduled, and I have less than 1 hr to make a connection from arrival at Terminal C to departure for an international flight on Terminal A. Is walking the quickest way, and do I need to go through security again in Terminal A, or will I remain in a secure area the whole time? Thx.
Just walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You don't have to go through security. You have enough time.
What terminal to I go to for American Airlines flight to Rome?
Terminal A.