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My wife is traveling from Chicago through Philly to Glasgow (ORD->PHL->GLA) on American Airlines. Returning same, i.e., GLA->PHL->ORD. Will she need to re-check bags or go through security in Philly? Can you tell me which terminals she will fly in and out of (both directions)? Thanks
On the way to Glasgow all she has to do is go from her arrival gate to her departure gate. On the way back to Chicago she has to go through US Immigration, claim her bags, go through US Customs, re-check her bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and to her departure gate. The Glasgow flights will operate from Terminal A. The Chicago flights will be to/from A, B, or C.
Thanks ZAP! Very useful.
My partner is encounter from SF to Philly and flight got delayed by 1 and half hours, he has a connecting flight to Dublin leaving from Gate A22 at 9.00pm. He is expected to land at 8.24pm at gate C19. Will he make the connection? His luggage is meant to go direct to the flight he doesn't need to collect it! Just worried he won't make it!!!!
how long will it take to walk from terminal c to terminal a
Maybe 10 minutes, 15 if you're really slow.
Hi, In January I'm planning to travel from Chicago to Philadelphia, arriving at 4:30pm and then depart at 6:30pm from PHL to Paris. It's all on one AA reservation. If the terminals of arrival and departure that day are the same as today, both fights are at terminal A. Questions:

1 - Will I have to collect baggage and re-check it for the international flight, or is the baggage checked through for me?

2 - Do I go through another security check for the international flight?

3 - If I have to collect baggage and recheck it, do I have time for all this with 2 hours? What if the plane from Chicago were delayed? What would be the minimum time necessary to make the change?

Many thanks in advance
All you have to do on your way to Paris is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have plenty of time.
Thank you, Zap! I am grateful for your quick and very helpful response!
What is reoommended here - trust the shuttle, or try to “run” it? There are 44 minutes between arrival at Terminal F and Departure at A13.
I would probably run but that's just me.

Flying in from London, and I need to catch a flight onwards to Cancun, leaving 1hour and 50mins after i land i PHL. Is this enough time for a EU citizen to recheck baggage, go through security etc.?

If both flights are on the same reservation that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
About how long does it take to walk between terminals B and F at a leisurely pace? How about at a brisk pace?

around 15 minutes leisurely. Briskly you could do it in 5-7 minutes.
Perfect, thanks so much for your help!
How long does it take to walk from C26 to A20
10-15 minutes at a comfortable pace.
I have a domestic to domestic connection, but the statuses that I have looked at so that my inbound (Piedmont operated AA) arrives into F, and my outbound (AA) leaves from B. Scheduled arrival into PHL is 7:49 and outbound is 8:30. It looks like there is a shuttle between terminals, is this the most efficient way to get from F to B?
I would personally walk/run - more consistent than the shuttle.
Thank you! That's what I was afraid of. :)
Hello, will arrive von Saturday 6:10pm from London to Terminal A. Is there time enough including all procedures (EU citizen) to catch connecting flight from F at 8:25pm.
Yes, that should be enough time.