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We'll be coming into PHL at 4:00 pm from Venice on AA and need to connect to an AA flight to Seattle that leaves at 5:45. Do we have enough time? We're concerned because it looks like the incoming flight is often delayed
I have a flight from Rome to PHL on Iberia Airlines - with a connection to JFK on American. I want to stay in Philadelphia and not go on the flight to JFK. I was told by an American Airlines rep that my bag would be tagged for JFK and that I might not have physical custody of it. (Maybe passing me by on a conveyor?) Can you tell me what the actual process is going through customs at PHL?

Many thanks!
I arrive from London at 1530 hours on a BA (code Share with American Airlines) and need to connect on another flight on the same airline to Columbus flight at 1723 on Sunday the 15th April. I have a non-US passport. Do you think I have adequate time for clearing immigration, customs to be able to take the flight to Columbus? Thanks,
Yes, that should be enough time.

Thanks so much
right now I am looking for a flight from Switzerland (ZRH) to Columbus (CMH). American Airlines has a good flight for me but I wonder if I can do immigration and terminal change within 2:18. Arrival time will be 3:05pm.
Thx for the help
Yes, that is enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Do I need to go through customs when I land in Philadelphia?
Where are you flying from and to? You didn't provide enough information to answer your question.
I posted question 4 minutes ago and failed to designate airline. I will be flying on American from Cleveland with posted arrival 1 hr 16 minutes til departure of international flight to Lisbon. Is this enough time to make the connection?
Yes, that is enough time. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate on the way to Lisbon.
If I book flight from Cleveland to PHL that has a one hour 16 minute connection time to an international flight to Portugal, is that enough time to make the connection?
I am flying in on 4/10/18 on American Eagle 4870 arriving at 12:04 and need to connect to American airlines flight 1700 leaving at 1:20pm for phoenix how will I know how to make the connection and will I have plenty of time. What terminals and gates will I be arriving at and leaving from? can I walk from one t the other?
You will arrive in Terminal F and depart from Terminal A, B, or C. They are connected inside security. You can walk or take a shuttle. You have enough time.
I'm arriving at gate C29 at 5:25 PM on Saturday March31. I have to collect my bag at luggage belt G, unless it's checked all the way through to Paris CDG from Tampa, then go through security (I have a Global Entry Trusted Traveler number) to catch a 6:45 PM flight to CDG in Paris. Will I have enough time? Should my bag be checked all the way through from Tampa to CDG Paris?
We are arriving at Philadelphia at 7:20, terminal B, gate B1; have a connecting flight at terminal A, gate 26. Do we have enough time? Do we need to go through customs again? Not sure if it is Terminal A and B as it is not noted when I checked the flight status. Thank you.
Where are you arriving from? There is no US Customs when leaving the US.