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Are there any passenger lounges at terminal F where you can relax in comfort if you are travelling economy? WE ARE PREPARED TO PAY IF THIS IS POSSIBLE.
hi, my wife and I are in our 70's and could definitely use a ride to our gate.
hi, my wife and I are in our 70's and could definitely use a ride to our gate.
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I am flying back into the United States on an international flight. My dog is flying as "extra baggage". Where do I pick him up once I arrive in Philly?
is it possible to accompany my husband((who is easily confused) to his gate for his flight to Ireland?
How do I get wheelchair assistance when transferring from domestic AA flight to international flight?
Does anyone know if Customs & Immigration at PHL airport is open 24 hours?
I am returning from London, Heathrow in mid August and will arrive at terminal A in PHL. I have a 2 hour, 34 minute layover before my connecting flight on American Airlines to Ft. Laud. out of terminal 3. Is that sufficient time to clear immigration and customs?
I have a tight connection. I arrival at Terminal A, Gate A9B, and need to catch my flight connection at Terminal F, Gate F31. How can I get there quickly? I only have 30 minutes to make the connection.