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Will the sky cap help me get my luggage and take it to the UBER or limousine site ?
Going from Philadelphia to Munich. I understand at our local electronics store that I can get a Euro (Germany) Sim card and cell minutes at any Duty Free store here in PHILI -before- I fly on to Germany, is that true? If true, which Duty Free Store do I go to in A Terminal and the gate closest to it. I only have 90min layover. I'm eternally grateful if someone can answer just so I'm prepared. Thank you so much and happy traveling!
I will be travelling on December 22, 2018 to Miami through PHL Airport coming from Amsterdam Schiphol (Netherlands) only with cabin luggage. Is a stop over time of 2 hours sufficient, and or is there a fast lane for people with a stop over. Thanks.
If one flight arrives from Barcelona in Terminal A at 16:00 and the connecting flight departs to LAX out of Terminal 0 at 17:44, is there enough time to clear customs and make the connection?
Arrive PHL 1420 and Depart for PRG 1850 - is that enough connecting time?
Also upon return PRG to PHL...arrive PHL 1525 depart for PH that enough time to clear customs and get to my departure gate?
I do not have a special app to expedite customs. I downloaded Mobile Passport but don't know if it works in PHL. Can you advise, please?
Thank you in advance for your assistance.
My daughter has a severely delayed plane coming in from Machester to Philly. Is two hours typically enough time to clear customs and make it to the next flight? Same airlines (American), but the flights aren't connected (one was done through a group travel, and this is her last leg home). Thx
I would like to see a basic map of the PHL terminals. This is for a trip I have planned in Sept. going from a domestic flight to an international flight, so I can see where everything is located
Daughter arriving from Rome tomorrow May 10, Gate A18 at 3:40. Due to depart for Norfolk at 6:16 from gate F18. Just over 2 hour transition. Will this be enough time ? This is her first time and not sure what to expect. Will there be people directing her through baggage claim, immigration/customs and baggage recheck/security check? Not sure of the whole process....
We have a young friend coming from London to Philly and none of us are familiar with the airport or flying in general. What should we expect when she arrives and how soon can we be with her? She’s young and nervous.
She will arrive in Terminal A, go through US Immigration, claim her bags, go through US Customs, and then you can meet her at the exit of customs.
We'll be coming into PHL at 4:00 pm from Venice on AA and need to connect to an AA flight to Seattle that leaves at 5:45. Do we have enough time? We're concerned because it looks like the incoming flight is often delayed
That is just enough time if everything goes smoothly.