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If my wife and I both have Military ID s,(retired w/20yrs), do we need to get state IDs??? or will I military ids take care of the situation?????
Which terminal is used by WestJet coming from Canada
Hello I am trying to make a flight from PHX on Sunday 10/16. I can arrive at the airport at 2:10pm and the flight is at 3:25pm. Is this possible????
I dropped my iPhone in the breezeway (ramp used to board/deboard the airplane). I can still see it in Terminal 4, Concourse C in the Find My iPhone APP, but I cannot remember what gate I arrive at. Who should I contact to retrieve my iPhone?
...looks like Terminal 4, Concourse C, Gate 13 or Gate 15 (Southwest Airlines 1:05 pm Flt 1061 from SAN to PHX--plane continued on to El Paso--yesterday, December 7, 2017
You have to contact Southwest.
UPDATE: Received call at 10:12 AM 12/8/2017 from Susanne who found my iPhone "beeping in drawer". She reported it to Lost and Found with FedEx account for overnight ship (Saturday delivery, no signature required) to me. Confirmed via phone call with Lost and Found at 602-286-3468 at 10:17 AM CST 12/8/2017.
Which terminal does Frontier Airlines use?
Frontier uses Terminal 3.
Is wifi free at the Sky Harbor airport?
I am picking up a friend on July 25th, at around 6pm arriving by AA from London, England. Looking at the airport map, I think he should be coming out at Terminal 4, Level 1, gate #7. Am I right? And How far is the N East cell phone parking from this gate?
Is the luggage trolley service at PHX a paid service or complimentary?
Does the airport have E-Ticket Check-In kiosks ?
Yes, for most airlines they do. The only airline that might not have them is Boutique Air.
How long will customs take coming from London, England to Phoenix, Arizona
Likely about 30-45 minutes.