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How do I access sky train after retrieving luggage at terminal four
what roads do I take to get to Terminal 4? I am coming from the west on the Interstate for a pickup.
Can I make it though customs and to my next flight in 1 hour 7 minutes? Planning to fly 1st class. Will be making the flight on July 5, 2016 arriving in PHX at 3:13 leaving at 4:20.
It is well below the recommended international to domestic connection time in phoenix. However, if you don't have checked bags I think you have a chance.
Is there a free shuttle from terminal 4 sky harbour to car rental dollar USA office on west side of airport ?
Arriving at 10.58p.m.local time on Dec.31/15.Will there be taxi service to local hotels in Tempe ?
Yes, there should be taxis available. However, with all the new years activities if you're worried and you can afford it, you may want to book car service.
A friend is picking me up North side #5 and assume it it Terminal 4. Where is this?
And, where do I pick up my luggage?
You pick up your luggage at your airline's baggage claim.
Choose your transportation carefully. owners/drivers Art and Martha Thompson provide the best. They are locally owned, family owned and know the valley inside and out.
UNBELIEVABLE!! Cab #132 completely discriminated against me and refused to provide transporation service from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Yellow Cab should lose their license to operate at Sky Harbor!!
My cab ride was wonderful, very helpful, waited for me while I had to pick up supplies. I will use again very soon. Thank you
I flew in on US Airways, 12/6/2011, I normally fly in on United. There were no signs telling me where to find a taxi and after walking for a very long distance I found the Taxi line that was totally disorganized with people not know where to go and people cutting in front of other people. The staff you had there were not trained at all. This would be a great place to setup an organized Tasxi stand with good signs. The driver of Taxi 511 was very good and did his job very well, it was refreshing after the experience on trying to find a taxi.
best ride from the airport ever. Cabbie
Herzi in # 175 was professional.