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If I park my car in the long term lot at the airport for 6 days , what is the cost and does the shuttle accomodate my wife and her handicap shuttle cart so that she does have to climb stairs.She cannot do that.
what is considered long term parking?
Where is the best and closest place to park at Terminal 3? I want to leave a car for my daughter to drive home when my flight leaves and her's comes in 6 hours later.
I'm visiting for a few weeks and my friend will be flying out for the weekend to sight see with me. Where should I park to wait in the airport for her to arrive? She is flying American -T4.
Can I tow my 30' fifth wheel to terminal 4 to pickup a passenger? I saw an "over size parking " near as well, not sure what that is.
I will be picking up passengers on US Airways flight #668 on Mar. 26 at 5:54 pm. Where can I park to wait for their flight, what terminal will they arrive at?
1. US Airways uses Terminal 4 of PHX. 2. Use the free Cell Phone Lot off Hohokam Expwy 143, or Hwy 202, and close to 44th St. at Terminal 4. The lot has signage with all airline telephone numbers, an electronic flight information display, and an attendant from 7am-1am. Stay with your car until your party has collected luggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb. If you need more than 30 minutes, use the dedicated short-term parking spaces in the parking garage across from T4.
The high-profile parking for Sky Harbor is NOT on top of the Terminal 4 lot, as currently indicated on this page, but rather located at street level, just to the east of Terminal 4. I verified that by calling the info number given here.
Thank you!
I found that I can park on the roof of the parking garage near Terminal 2 of PHX, which charges the same as the economy lot (that garage is also close to Terminal 3).
Here are a few points regarding picking up a passenger at Phoenix Airport: Know on which airline and/or flight number your guest is arriving. You can only load & unload quickly at the curb, therefore (a) either use the free Cell Phone Waiting Lots at the East & West ends of PHX (close to Terminal 4 and adjacent to West Economy lot) and stay with your car. The lots have a display board indicating flight arrival and when you should proceed to the terminal for pickup; (b) or avoid traffic hassles and drive to level 4 of Terminal 4's parking garage by he East or West Elevator banks ($4/hr).
The West Economy lot is not directly served by shuttles, but is within walking distance of Terminal 2. If you need to get to Terminal 3, walk to the shuttle stop in front of Terminal 2's garage. The East Economy garages A & B are served by Gecko, bus stops 1-5; and by Roadrunner, bus stops 6-9