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PHX Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Is 25 min enough time between Contour Airline from Page to Southwest terminal? No luggage
How long does it take to walk/get from Terminal 4 Gate 13 to Terminal 4 Gate A25?
March 21st, AA464 arriving PHX 8:02am, AA2024 departing 8:40am, only 38min. Thoughts?
Is an hour enough to arrive from SJC & transfer to Puerto Vallarta flight?
What is the distance between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3?
Is there 1TSA security check for all terminals?
10/4/19: AA flight 497 arrives 8:42 a.m.; connect AA flight 5768 (Mesa as American Eagle) departing 9:52 a.m. Don't know gate designations. How can I be sure I will have time to get the connecting flight?
Is 55 minutes enough time to connect from a Southwest flight from Las Vegas to a Southwest flight to San Antonio. I don't walk very fast and would need a restroom stop.
My husband will be flying in via dallas late at night. i have never driven to the airport. He will be on Spirit Airlines. where do I park?
I am arriving from Tucson on American Airlines flt 1831 on Tues. 6/4 and connecting with
American Airlines flt 678 to Milwaukee. Will the arrival and departure gates be near each
I am flying into terminal 4 on May 31st. It has a 31 min layover to the same terminal 4. I noticed the plane has the same aircraft number but a different flight. Is this a different plane? Also will my luggage be automatically put on the next plane in such a short time?