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PHX Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Do aa arrivals and departures use the same concourse and which one?
Which terminal does American Airlines use?
My domestic airline arrives at terminal 3 at 8:20 am and my domestic outgoing flight, different airline, leaves terminal 4 at 9:15 am. Is this enough time?
What is the MCT for American Airlines at PHX
Flight # 1278--June 29, 2020--arrives PHX 9:57AM, departing 10:26AM for John Wayne airport--will I be boarding a different plane for the flight to John Wayne or do I remain on the same plane I flew into PHX?
Would like to know the proximity of Alaska Airlines arrival/departure gates in Terminal 3 to those of Delta Air Lines.
I have an American flight with one hour between plane changes. I have a slight mobility problem. How far is it between gates for American flights.
?How long does it take to get from AA terminal 4 to AA terminal M
Is 25 min enough time between Contour Airline from Page to Southwest terminal? No luggage
How long does it take to walk/get from Terminal 4 Gate 13 to Terminal 4 Gate A25?