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PHX Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I will be arriving at Terminal 4 with 40 minutes to get to the International area to fly to Puerto Vallarta. Can you tell me the distance and where the international flight is located? Will we have a problem making the connection in 40 minutes? Thank you. Dorian
Hi, my manager is flying from Sacramento to Costa Rica on American Airlines next Monday, the connection is only 30 minutes. The flight is due to land in Phoenix at 12;40 and the next American flight leaves at 1:10pm. I saw today that the flight landed in Gate A and the other took off at Gate B in Terminal 4. Is that sufficient time for her to get to her connection?
How do I go from Terminal 4 to Terminal 2 to meet a friend arriving.?
How much walking distance is it form the ground floor to American Airlines, my husband is getting over a serious illness and thinks he can walk the distance and not use a wheel chair but I am worried the walk will be to long and then having to stand at security......Thank you Dee.
How long does it take to walk from A gates to B gates in Terminal 4 ?
I have someone coming in from Mexico on Volair Airlines operated by Frontier. Frontier, I believe, is in terminal 3; I'm under the impression that international flights all come in to terminal 4 for customs/immigration. Should I go to terminal 3 or 4?
How do I find out which terminal I fly into when I get to Phoenix?
On January 8th, what terminal will Southwest Flight #710 be arriving at?
What terminal for Southwest Flight #710 be arriving at?