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Southwest airlines/Terminal 4 - I have a connection at PHX with 45 minute layover. I only see pet stations outside security. Anyone have more ideas or info? Thanks
We are flying into IWA on April 22 via Allegiant Airlines. Are PHX and IWA two different airports? How far apart are they? Does the Sun City Express come to both?

Yes, IWA and PHX are two different airports. They are 30 miles from each other. According to Sun City Express' website they do serve IWA, but you'll have to call them to confirm.
Instructions on route to follow from security to westjet departure gates - after going through security - anyone heard of a gate pass to accompany unaccompanied minor to gate?
Yes, you can get a gate pass if you are the parent or guardian of someone flying as an unaccompanied minor.
Thank you - appreciate your quick response.

Do you know if their parents can get a gate pass to meet them at the other end in Toronto?
I am flying into Phx on American Airlines -- my 90 y. o. dad is flying in on Frontier Airlines....they are in different terminals. Will I be able to go to my dad's gate to meet him? Thank you for your help. Beth
No, you cannot go to his gate.
Can an autistic youth be escorted to a gate by his parents without the parents having a ticket so the child can fly away with his grandparent?
Yes, that should be possible.
I arrive in terminal three and need to meet my brother at terminal four for our shuttle to Mesa. What is the best and fastest way to get there once I have my luggage?
There is a train outside security between terminals.
I just exited the hospital a few days ago and am still very weak, on a clear liquid diet only, not driving yet. I have my 10 year old with me. I called my airline, Frontier, they said they put in a note on the system. (I don't see it.) And to just let someone know when I get to the airport that I need wheelchair assistance and they will help me. I am leaving on Wednesday morning, early and want to make sure I have assistance.
This is not any airport or airline's website. We cannot see your reservation. If Frontier says they put a wheelchair request into your reservation there's nothing you can do other than take their word for it.
Thanks for the heads up! The airport website jumped me over here!!
My friend and I are leaving Phoenix on 11/18
she is flying United flight UA 548 to Denver and leaves at 11:05
I am flying AA flight 767 to Charlotte that leaves at 11:20
How can I make sure she gets checked in ok? she has some memory problems

You can get there early, check her in in Terminal 2, then she will have to leave you to go through security, then you can take the train to Terminal 4.
I am flying out of Phoenix next month Paris bound. My flight departure time is 13.15. About what time should I arrive at the airport to go through the various procedures in order to catch my flight. The travel agent will have checked me in online. What are the other procedures ? Many thanks. Victor
Does Sky Harbor have assistance personnel throughout the airport, in the event that I can't find my way through the boarding process?
Most airport and airline employees would be able to help you find your way.
Thanks. I realize how silly that sounds since I've spent the afternoon touring airports on YouTube. What would we do without YouTube?