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hi, i lost my phone on the 26th August in the Airport Phuket. ist a Samsung galaxy s7 with a broken screen. please contact me
Is there an airport lost and found I can get in touch with about a missing card
Lost iPhone 8 plus in domestic terminal going from gate to car across terminal. If found please email me
On security check. In a blackpocket.
Lost iPad mini with Black cover and School District of Philadelphia inscribed. Please contact if found. Will pay shipping for return.
November 22th 10am i was waiting boarding in gate10,I was rashing go to plane that miss my luggage,if anyone take it can give me email or can help me keep in lost and found room,I’ll give some tips for keep it.thanks a lot
Hi, I boarded at 8/28 at late night, and the flight was ke638 korean air. I lost my ipad which is in the white cotton bag. I will pay for all delievery with extra pay. Please email me.
I was in the airport on 8/28. I lost ipad which is in the white cotton bag.
It is a duty free bag filled with Thai products, purchased from "Krishna Collection Phuket" / King Power.
International terminal
Tiger balm, massage oil, menthol.
Unlikely but if you find this bag, please let me know!
I left my laptop in the men's bathroom before the immigration yesterday. The laptop is an acer and in a camouflage/army print case. Please email me if you find it. A black color USB flash drive is in the small pocket.