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Lost iPad mini with Black cover and School District of Philadelphia inscribed. Please contact if found. Will pay shipping for return.
November 22th 10am i was waiting boarding in gate10,I was rashing go to plane that miss my luggage,if anyone take it can give me email or can help me keep in lost and found room,I’ll give some tips for keep it.thanks a lot
Hi, my name is Masahiro Kubota from Japan who have been traveling around Thailand for last few days but unfortunately I might have lost my passport at the airport. I’m sure that I was with my passport until I landed on Phuket! So I want to make sure If someone picked up the passport and brought it to the Lost and Found center! Thank you!
Hi, I boarded at 8/28 at late night, and the flight was ke638 korean air. I lost my ipad which is in the white cotton bag. I will pay for all delievery with extra pay. Please email me.
I was in the airport on 8/28. I lost ipad which is in the white cotton bag.
It is a duty free bag filled with Thai products, purchased from "Krishna Collection Phuket" / King Power.
International terminal
Tiger balm, massage oil, menthol.
Unlikely but if you find this bag, please let me know!
Accidentally left a very precious painting to us at Phuket International Departures at a store on level 2 close to gates 84-83. Stands about a meter high as it is (rolled up) and wrapped in a red plastic wrapping. Please let me know if anyone finds it. Will pay shipping back to home addresss and even a little extra. Thank you!
We have discovered that we may have forgotten and left behind our laptop computer at Phuket international airport, when going through the x-ray baggage assessment checkpoint whist checking in.
We boarded a Jetstar Flight JQ18 on Sunday 1 July, 2018 at 10:50pm heading to Melbourne, Australia.
We believe the laptop was removed from my daughters handbag and placed on the electric belt to go through the x-ray machine, and was forgotten to be collected on the other side.
The laptop has a name on it: Eryn Dessiniotis.
It also has a green star on it – it is her school unique symbol and will have the letters MLC in capital letters.
It is my daughters school computer and it has all her school work loaded on it.
If by any chance it has been found, could you please email me ASAP to inform us of its founding.
We will pay postage to have it sent back to Australia.
Looking forward to your reply.
Kind Regards
Martha Dessiniotis
My Korean friend left my cell phone in the female’s restroom before the immigration yesterday 2018/6/ 15 before boarding Korean Airline 638 at late Friday night. The cellphone is Galaxy 7 edge and in a wallet type case and ivory color. And I also lost my lightning usb cable for iPhone 7 Plus. Please email me if you find it. Please~!

I lost a plastic bag on the store(Coffee World, Phuket International Airport International Departure Zone 2nd Floor, Tambon Mai Khao Amphoe Thalang Phuket, 83110, 83110, Thailand) at 13:00 on 1st June, which contains some dry fruit(for example, pineapple), if they sent to Lost &
found service counter, I will let Spring Airlines(which I ride, flight no. 9C8522) to catch it back, thank you very much. Could you send me your email address, let me send thanks mail to you.