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On Wednesday March 3rd, 2016, I was traveling on the 6.35PM BW550 flight to JFK, NY. I had just came in with The 4.25PM flight from Tobago and hustled over to the Trini Shoppe to purchase some local products. On my way there I met the 3 workers leaving. I begged them to open up. They were kind enough to accommodate me, I am truly grateful for that. However, they overcharged me, I don't know if it was intentionally, or if it was an honest mistake. On my receipt there are 2 separate charges listed twice for:
Tamarind Balls LG- Marshas Tamarind Balls Large Pks
2 items @$53.33 !06.66TT
Tamarind Balls LG- Marshas Tamarind Balls Large Pks
2 items @ $53.33 $106.66 TT.
So instead of paying $474.71 plus $59.34 in VAT, i was OVERCHARGED BY $120.00TT and FRANKLY RIPPED OFF, I WAS CHARGE $581.37 PLUS $72.67 VAT , for a total $654.04TT. I am very angry because, i would not be compensated for my loss because I rarely visit Trinidad and Tobago. The only reason I was there is to attend my father's funeral.
Besides throughout the transaction, I kept on asking the worker that was ringing up to the goods, are you sure you are doing everything correctly? Her response was yes, yes and still inadvertently, she end up overcharging me.
They did not only overcharge me but robbed me with the currency exchange, I had $549.00TT and had to change an extra $20 US to make up the difference. They only gave me a lousy $6.00TT for 1USD, when the buying rate for March 3rd was $6.44TT to 1USD.