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PIT : Alt TSA location Feb 01, '18 Comments: 1

Pittsburgh Airport Traveler Help

Our flight leaves very early. Only alt site is open. Where is it located in airport?
Personnel will direct you there. Basically, you walk across the street from the check in counters and there it is, There are also plenty of signs.

PIT : Parking fee's Jan 25, '18 Comments: 0

Pittsburgh Airport Parking

For extended parking it says the price per day is $8.00 are there fee's and taxes on top of that?

PIT : GO FAST PASS Jan 07, '18 Comments: 1

Pittsburgh Airport Parking

Is there a discount for parking if you have a GOFASTPASS?
No, there is no discount. It just allows you to pay for parking using your EZPass.

PIT : Waiting area for pickup Nov 20, '17 Comments: 0

Pittsburgh Airport General Topics

Where is the pickup waiting area?

PIT : Trying to identify Bustop Nov 09, '17 Comments: 0

Pittsburgh Airport Traveler Help

I was wondering which bus-stop I would get off at that would put me nearest to Litchfield towers, (University of Pittsburgh) that is located on 5th avenue and Bouquet St?

PIT : Address for GPS Sep 30, '17 Comments: 0

Pittsburgh Airport Traveler Help

What is the address I should put in my GPS?

PIT : Extended parking Sep 14, '17 Comments: 0

Pittsburgh Airport Parking

Do you need to reserve a spot?

PIT : public curb Jul 02, '17 Comments: 1

Pittsburgh Airport General Topics

When approaching the Pittsburgh International Airport, what is the signage that we follow to get to the public curb?
It's very easy - just follow signs to the appropriate departures or arrivals level.

PIT : discounts May 26, '17 Comments: 0

Pittsburgh Airport Parking

are there any discounts for pit airport parking

PIT : 5:15 AM Flight Dec 09, '15 Comments: 1

Pittsburgh Airport General Airport Topics

We catch our flight in PIT @ 5:15am - our shuttle service at the hotel says they don't start until 4am and that the airport ticket counters are closed until then. Is this enough time to get 4 people thru without missing our flight?
Yes, they aren't lying to you. The counters and checkpoints don't open until 4 AM. there will be very few people at the airport that early. You'll be fine.