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We were pulled out of the main line last year and, I'm assuming b/c we were traveling with a 2yo, put into a much shorter TSA line. Does PIT have checkpoint specifically for families or do you just have to hope someone takes pity on you traveling with little little kids :-)
PIT has multiple checkpoints and generally very short security lines. I suggest following signs to the "alternate" checkpoint which is probably where you were directed to last year.
Where is the pickup waiting area?
When approaching the Pittsburgh International Airport, what is the signage that we follow to get to the public curb?
It's very easy - just follow signs to the appropriate departures or arrivals level.
I have a flight to Punta Cana leaving Pittsburgh at 5:30am with a change in Philly. I was advised to check in 3hrs prior to departure. the airport doesnt open till 4am. Is this enough time to check in?
3 hrs is nonsense. Get there at 4 and you'll be fine. You can also check-in online to save some time.
Is there a gas station to top off my rental car close by?
Indeed: If you arrive at the Airport, continue on the loop, passing the short-term parking lots and a hotel, and, at the crossing of the Airport Exit road is the gas station. Look at http://www.flypittsburgh.com/UserFiles/Image/parking/parking_long_large.png
Pittsburgh Airport has a 4-level Landside Terminal, which is connected by a People Mover to the Airside terminal. The Ticketing level, at the Landside terminal has 2 escalators & an elevator in center, with ticket counters for Southwest & others on its south side. The Airside Terminal has Concourses A to D on the Airmall level. Look at your ticket to see which gate you depart from (i.e., A1, B26, C51, D76)
Some passengers explain Pittsburgh Airport's passenger terminal layout, others the parking facilities, while one motorist points out ongoing roadwork project. Others feel that flight desk automats for check-in, Airport Ambassadors and a spa facility are welcome amenities, and one passenger is
Drivers watch out - due to PIT's landside roadway repair project, started in July and to be completed in mid-November, there is only one lane open at the public arrival ramp, causing traffic congestion. Allow for extra time, particularly those picking up a passenger.