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Can I use EZ pass to pay for long term parking?
I signed up today for the Go-Fast Pass and also have a PA Turnpike EZ Pass. I successfully registered for GoFastPass and was provided with a printable document containing a bar code with the instructions to bring the document to the Grant Oliver Parking office located on left side of the Main Exit Plaza to register my EZ PASS tag. What I am unclear on is do I take a parking ticket when I enter the lot upon arrival to the airport/parking lot or do I go through the Fast Pass lane?
For extended parking it says the price per day is $8.00 are there fee's and taxes on top of that?
Is there a discount for parking if you have a GOFASTPASS?
No, there is no discount. It just allows you to pay for parking using your EZPass.
Do you need to reserve a spot?
are there any discounts for pit airport parking
About to do a 4 day trip and park in the long term lot at the airport.. having only done this once or twice.. i cant recall.. is it entirely outdoors with no roof... ie: we have an suv with an overhead box that requires a 6'9 to 6'10 clearance.. i want to say it was all outdoors.. and fine for this .. is this right? Thanks
I should have mentioned.. extended parking lot $8 per day? not the long term lot.. is this the right lot.. as well
Unlike other major US Airports, Pittsburgh is offering low parking fees - and you can now set up a 'Go Fast Pass' account via major credit cards. You'll get a small elecronic tag which will be installed inside of your windshield. Thereafter you won't need a ticket when you get into the airport, and when you exit the Go Fast Pass lane, your parking fee will be automatically charged to your credit card.
Short-term parking in the multi-storey garage is between the landside terminal and the Hyatt Regency Hotel, while long-term parking is in an open lot across from the Hyatt Regency Hotel.
While the public arrival ramp is reduced to one ramp, due to road work, until the middle of November, I suggest using the front of the short-term parking garage across the terminal when picking up a passengers at Pittsburgh Airport. It's only $1 for the first hour & will save you hassles.