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PIT Gate Connections DISCUSSION

What is the name of the the Alternate TSA?
Is there an actual bank or somewhere that I can trade $20 bills in for $1 bills? I will need ones for Mexico, and won't have a chance to stop at an open bank before I get to the airport.
I am disabled. Do I still need to park in "short term" parking ...and have to "walk" to the arrivals outside baggage? Is there any alternative? Can I "loop around" someway so as not to have to park and walk to pick up an arriving passenger?
The Short Term garage is connected to the Landside Terminal via the enclosed moving walkway. Enter terminal on the Transit Level.
I seem to recall being able to go outside of the Airside terminal to smoke not so long ago. In other words, I think I did not have to go all the way to the Landside terminal via the tram. I did redo security, but I think it was in the Airside terminal. Help, please. Thank you.
According to the map I don't see how to get from the airside terminals to the main landside terminal for baggage claim and ground transportation - anyone know?
just follow the overhead signs
How do you get from Airside Terminal A to the Landside Terminal for Baggage Claim??
You find the US Airways Club on the Mezzanine Level of the Air Terminal.
An enclosed moving walkway gets you to from the landside terminal to the Hyattt Regency Hotel.
The Airmall in the Airside Terminal holds an astounding assortment of shops and restaurants.