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We need to print out the Covid test result in hard copy at Pittsburgh Airport before onboarding. Can you please advise us where to print them out? Thanks much for your prompt response.
Looking for someone flying into Pittsburgh from Dallas, TX anytime either next week or later, have a puppy that needs to be transported here and are looking for someone flying into PIT who could bring him in the cabin with them. We are willing to provide reasonable compensation
Is there a place to print out a document from a phone? Thanks...
A blind woman is coming into Pittsburgh and has arranged to be taken to baggage claim. Can someone escort her from baggage claim to the exist where there will be a car waiting for her. I don't believe the driver can leave their car parked in pickup to go in and get her. any thoughts? Thank you.
My friend and I are traveling Southwest to Albuquerque. We need a motorized vehicle to take us there.
Are there any weekend Masses scheduled at PIT airport chapel? Any on Saturdays?
Our flight is at 530am... when does security check open.
it opens at 4 AM.
Our flight leaves very early. Only alt site is open. Where is it located in airport?
Personnel will direct you there. Basically, you walk across the street from the check in counters and there it is, There are also plenty of signs.
I was wondering which bus-stop I would get off at that would put me nearest to Litchfield towers, (University of Pittsburgh) that is located on 5th avenue and Bouquet St?
What is the address I should put in my GPS?