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My friend and I are traveling Southwest to Albuquerque. We need a motorized vehicle to take us there.
My father in law has developed an issue with his leg that prevents him from walking more than 20 yards or so.. How can I arrange porter service for him at the airport? He has already booked his flight without making porter arrangements. He will be flying into Pittsburgh on a commuter (Southern Airways express, flight # 9X0751 which arrives in Pittsburgh at 9:10 am on June 20th. He will then fly from Pittsburgh to Charlotte on American Airlines #1926, which leaves Pittsburgh June 20th at 201 pm.

I don't know how far the gates in the Pittsburgh airport will be, and I need to know how he can get assistance from the Southern Airways Express gate to the American Airlines gate. Any assistance you can provide is appreciated.


Jeff Ream
The gates are not far. You will have to call American to request wheelchair service and tell them that he'll be arriving at the Southern Airways Express gate.
Are there any weekend Masses scheduled at PIT airport chapel? Any on Saturdays?
Our flight is at 530am... when does security check open.
it opens at 4 AM.
Our flight leaves very early. Only alt site is open. Where is it located in airport?
Personnel will direct you there. Basically, you walk across the street from the check in counters and there it is, There are also plenty of signs.
I was wondering which bus-stop I would get off at that would put me nearest to Litchfield towers, (University of Pittsburgh) that is located on 5th avenue and Bouquet St?
What is the address I should put in my GPS?
WIll be arriving at PIT from LAX on June 25 - arrival time in PIT approx. 6:30 PM. Would greatly appreciate receiving any info. as to shuttle/bus or other type of transportation to Greenville, PA upon arrival to PIT. Thanks!
There is no scheduled bus service to Greenville. I suggest renting a car, however there aren't even any car rental services in Greenville, so you can't even do a one way rental. If you can't drive and can't get someone to pick you up at the airport, you will have to hire a taxi or van which will cost over $100. You can take the Greyhound bus from dowtown pittsburgh to Meadville, but Meadville is still 25 miles away from Greenville and you would have to get from PIT to downtown Pittsburgh.
My wife and I will be traveling on 12/20/12 To Wexford, PA and need help finding reasonably a priced ride from Pittsburgh Airport.
1. For Pittsburgh Airport transportation inquiries call 412-472-5538
2. Also try this site: http://local.search.yahoo.com/search?ei=UTF-8&p=transportation&addr=Wexford%2C+PA+15090&limcat=96926030&focuslim=limcat§ion=map
ok well this might sound slly, but im curious i have my Parents visitin next week. they are traveling from Mexico and well they are limited on the english language im kinda worried...will there be anybody that they can ask for help if they get lost at the airport...?
Your concern for your parents is admirable. I suggest you open www.ifly.com/pit and click on Quick Links /Terminal Map - below the map are details about the terminal. Your parents will arrive at the Airside terminal and will need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, and go through customs clearance. Thereafter they should take the people mover to the Landside Terminal. You may want to meet them near the Information Desk of the transit level. Tell your parents not to be shy and ask for directions if airport signs are not enough for them. Plenty of passengers and employees now speak Spanish.
Thank you for the time you took to reply. They drove from mexico to El Paso,Tx and then flew from there to Dallas and from there they finally arrived to Pittsburgh on may 15...they just returned home on june 12. everything went well thank god. my mom said they asked for help in Dallas to one of the employees that they had previously heard speaking spanish but at the time they asked this person she pretended like she didnt spoke the language... i really hate when hispanic ppl that speak both english and spanish tend to pretend like they dont! they think that because they live here they can just be stuck up idiots and wont help others that need a little help...well anyway im just glad they didnt get lost at any time and got home safe too tho. =)