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Is there a likelihood that the government shutdown will actually close the airports if this government shutdown continues, and have PDX Federal Essential Employees been showing up to work?
Is wifi available at baggage claim area?
Where can i leave my baggage since i want it to bring at the airport the day before my departure
Is Southwest or American gates closer to ticketing for less walking?
They're literally right next to each other so it doens't matter.
Passengers at Portland Airport like the consolidated rental car facility eliminating the need for shuttles. If you have luggage, travelers suggests you to take a shuttle van; they also advise you that hotel vans stop at the center island & to use caution when crossing the lane. If you need to drop off a person at PDX Airport, avoid at all cost ($70 parking tickets) a drop-off in front of the terminal, but rather use either the cell phone lot or the short-term carpark. Also, a traveler remarks that it is advisable to get your food & drink before going through security. Some passengers also state locations for the Kid Play Area, the Service Center, airline lounges and rental car facilities.