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I need longterm parking services for approx36-40 hours since my husband and I are crossing paths at the airport by 1-2 days. What is the best value for this length of time, and how reliable is the shuttle service to the terminal?
Can I park my car at short term parking about a week , and how much I have to pay for ?
What are the daily (# of days) limits on short-term vs long-term parking? What would 4 days be considered?
do we need reservations for long term parking?
Can I park in the parking Garage in handicap space for 5 days at long term rate?
Why doesn't PDX have a monthly rate and convenient for frequent business travelers similar to Seattle?
The short- and long-term parking garages adjacent to each other at Portland Airport are directly connected to Interstate Hwy. 205 and the short-term parking garage offers access to the passenger terminal's departure level 2 via two skywalks.
Picking up a passenger got easier, the cell phone lot at Portland Airport is located on Cargo Road, off NE 82d Avenue, and is only three minutes from the terminal. As you approach the Airport, you'll see signs directing you. Once in the lot, you need to stay with your car until your party has collected baggage and calls you to be picked up at the terminal's curb.