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PDX Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Flying Alaska SMF-PDX arrive 1037a. Meeting up w/a relative in PDX that needs help back to SMF. Flight back to SMF is 11:40a. My tickets were purchased at separate times, I will need to check in somehow for this 11:40 flight. What is the easiest and most expedient way to make that happen?
I'm flying Alaska Air from Burbank to PDX. My connection is 45 minutes after scheduled arrival time. Is that enough time?
Which Concourse is Alaska's International to PVR?
I am flying in from Seattle to Portland on Delta arrive at 8:40am. My international connection in to Narita on Delta departs at 11:10. Will I make the connection (need to clear customs). Its just under 2.5 hours
How far apart are Terminal C and D? How long a walk?
How do I request an inner airport shuttle?
How long will it take to walk from United Terminal E to MAX at PDX

I will be parked at cell phone lot. Advice on how long it will take my friend arriving 12:45 PM, United #2390 today .... How long will it take her to walk from gate E4 to the United outside Arrival pickup area?
Flying from Minneapolis to Manila with a 45 minute layover in PDX. I'm flying on Delta the whole way. Are all the gates for each airline together or are we going to have to go from one end of the airport to the other?
PDX doesn't seem to have an international terminal (flypdx.com/PDX/Flights#/type/Departures/day/Today/ lists even a flight to Mexico leaving from a general gate). Even if you do have to get to a different terminal, it's not a huge airport. 45 minutes should be fine as long as the arriving flight isn't too late.
Arriving to PDX on gate C17
Departing from gate A2

Do you have to go through security for the change of gates?
How long a walking time between gates?