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I have a student from Viet Nam returning there for a vacation and will be taking Uber or an airporter to pdx. She will have over five bags to handle and I'm wondering if there are luggage carts at the island area where the service providers must drop off? I'm not even sure how she will navigate to the carts! Any suggestions?
What time does TSA open Sunday morning? We have a 5:00am flight
A mistake has been made for my connections from Pdx to Vienna. I understand that Alaska can NOT CHECK MY LUGGAGE TO Vienna because of agreements that they do not have with Austrian airlines. My itinerary is from PDXto SEA to FRA to VIE. There is NOT time to check my luggage to Seattle or Frankfurt as each connection is 1 hour or less. I was told that once I check in in Portland and receive my baggage claim (to Frankfurt) I can find the TRANSFER DESK inside the secured area and they can electronically transfer my luggage all the way through to Vienna. Does Portland have this Transfer Desk, and if so where is it? And can they do this?
I lost my travel ID after going through TSA and getting on my domestic flight; so, now I don’t have appropriate travel ID to return on my round-trip flight—what can I do or what do I need to do to be able to return in. Few more days?
what concourse does united airlines use
Where is the pet relief station?
Is there a service at PDX to wrap my luggage in plastic wrap? Who provides the service and where do I go to get the service? Is there a cost?
There is no such service at PDX. This service is only common at airports with many flights to Latin America and Africa.
I have a foreign friend arriving PDX at 11:30 AM from Amsterdam. How long to get off plane, get bags, go through customs and be outside to be picked up??? Roughly. Based on nothing but my own experience as a US citizen returning to PDX I figure she would be outside at 12:15 or so (45 min) if the plane is on time. Anyone have better information??? Thanks.
I have a flight out at 5:50 a.m. on a Monday. Anyone know how early I need to get to the airport?
As far as I can tell, security doesn't open until 4 AM, so no sense in arriving before then. I'd arrive between 4 and 4:30.
Is 2 hours enough to clear immigration and hatch a domestic flight.. Both flights are Delta/KLM
Yes, that should be enough time.