PortoAlegre Filho Airport ( POA ) Public Transportation

Getting from the Airport to your destination:The Taxi cooperative Cootaero can be contacted at (51) 3358-2500.
For Veppo intercity transport call (51) 3228 0699. 
The nearest subway station is 1 km from the airport, while the City bus station is 8 km from the Airport.
- The T5 bus link runs frequently to the City.
- The Aeromovel booth & station are at the parking garage. The 'Aeromovel' - a people mover - connects the Airport to the'Porto Alegre Metro Airport Station'  (the subway platform is close to Av. dos Estados, opposite the Airport). Tel: (51) 3363-8477.
- The Metro runs frequently to dowtown Porto Alegre and serves the greater area of this city; at downtown, transfers to other cities are available
For urban transport open (www) trensurb.gov.br - or e-mail: atendimento@trensurb.gov.br.

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