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RDU : Spirit Airlines Oct 18, '19 Comments: 0

Raleigh-Durham Airport Gate Connections

RDU : UCLAIMED BAGGAGE May 13, '19 Comments: 0

Raleigh-Durham Airport General Topics


RDU : Getting to Greensboro, NC Jul 08, '18 Comments: 0

Raleigh-Durham Airport Ground Transport

what is the best way other than driving to get from RDU airport to Greensboro, NC

RDU : RDU - Greenville NC Feb 12, '18 Comments: 3

Raleigh-Durham Airport Ground Transport


can anyone recommend the best way to travel from the airport to Greenville please?
It's over a 4 hour drive. The best way is to fly American Airlines nonstop. There is no reasonable other public transit route. So your only options are flying and driving. Taking the Greyhound bus takes 14 hours as you have to make a nearly 6 hour stop in Rocky Mount.
Sorry, that answer was for getting form Charlotte to Greenville. You should still probably drive.
Thanks for clarifying ZAP.
I travelled by Greyhound bus service. Made it in one piece - just!

RDU : Bus to aiport Dec 25, '17 Comments: 0

Raleigh-Durham Airport Traveler Help

Hello I'm going from high point to Raleigh in jan 2 and need to know what is the best way besides driving there thanks

RDU : Arriving and getting to terminal 2 Nov 22, '17 Comments: 0

Raleigh-Durham Airport Gate Connections

How easy to arrive, check luggage, get through security to departure gate for Frontier airlines

RDU : exchange fee for euros Oct 14, '17 Comments: 0

Raleigh-Durham Airport Traveler Help

exchange fee for euros

RDU : Southwest Airlines pickup Sep 02, '17 Comments: 1

Raleigh-Durham Airport Gate Connections

Which terminal would I pick up a passenger arriving a Southwest flight?
Southwest uses Terminal 1.

RDU : Landed 2 hours ago Jun 17, '17 Comments: 0

Raleigh-Durham Airport Traveler Help

And still sitting on tarmac. What the hell is going on?

RDU : frontier airlines to Princeton Mercer Trenton Jan 03, '14 Comments: 2

Raleigh-Durham Airport Gate Connections

why is flight 908 scheduled to leave tonight at 7:35 delayed by 10 minutes? where is it coming from? and how do you know it is going to be 10 minutes at 4pm?
This is not Frontier or the RDU Airport's website. However, looking at the Frontier website, it does not appear that this flight is late. The aircraft that will fly this flight will be coming from Trenton as Frontier 907
so sorry. thank you for the information