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Passengers at Raleigh-Durham Airport like the new Terminal 2, pointing out the excellent departure area with plenty of eating and shopping facilities, and in the gate areas seats with charging outlets for laptops and handhelds. They find that baggage claim and check-in areas are easy to navigate & point to the new plasma displays. One traveler points out that the terminals require two types of shuttle buses for each way. Parking facilities are explained by one passenger, while another is excited about ExitEpress parking. Others explain where to find most shops & restaurants in Terminal 2, and comment on the Redbox machines for movie rentals. A traveler advises of curbside checkin and another comments on Terminal 2's upgrade time frame. One frequent passenger shares information on where to find airline lounges, and we learned that Delta will add 5 more non-stop destinations and additional flights to three other hubs on November 1.
Arrivals at RDU Airport exit the concourse now through a new corridor while construction work will start on the remainder of the security checkpoint. I heard that new restaurants & shops will be added, and that all this should come to completion by late January 2011.
You can check in curbside at Raleigh-Durham Airport if you fly to a domestic destination; however, you need a ticket or e-ticket, driver's license, luggage not exceeding 3 pieces and in required size.
RDU's Terminal 2 is in a continuous upgrade mode - once the current second phase is completed (scheduled for winter 2011), it will be three times the size of its former Terminal C.