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RDU Gate Connections DISCUSSION

How easy to arrive, check luggage, get through security to departure gate for Frontier airlines
Which terminal would I pick up a passenger arriving a Southwest flight?
Southwest uses Terminal 1.
when entering the airport ,is Southwest listed on the direction signs?I"M picking up an arrival Sunday morning and i'm not sure which terminal to go to or which way to go.Only been there one time.
why is flight 908 scheduled to leave tonight at 7:35 delayed by 10 minutes? where is it coming from? and how do you know it is going to be 10 minutes at 4pm?
This is not Frontier or the RDU Airport's website. However, looking at the Frontier website, it does not appear that this flight is late. The aircraft that will fly this flight will be coming from Trenton as Frontier 907
so sorry. thank you for the information
There is a US Airways Club on the concourse level of Raleigh-Durham's Terminal 1 near gates A10-A28; Terminal 2 has the Admirals Club, and the Delta Sky Club near gates C1-C14.
The two passenger terminals at RDU are not connected - you need to take a shuttle bus. While the orange Bus 4 runs from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1, the purple Bus 3 goes the other way.
Terminal 2 of Raleigh Airport has a great plasma display - easy to read. I also liked the baggage area - nice layout.
Terminal 2 at Raleigh-Durham Airport is making progress! Aside from the 3 international gates there is a new & much larger processing area which allows international passengers to show their passport, claim their belonging and exit - no need to recheck bags or enter the concourse!
The new Terminal 2 at RDU has in the departure area has a good variety of shops and restaurants.