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I live in Cleveland, Ohio and don't know/never met Lynn Jones. I just read the article about her using her best judgement and refusing to load a sick and possibly abused dog on your airline. Ms. Jones is OBVIOUSLY one of your best, smartest and instinctual employees. I hope you have the sense to know this is the type of employee who goes the extra mile. She is a rare find and If management is smart - they will immediately re-employee her, give her a raise & bonus and stand behind her. Obviously, she is much less a coward than the management at your company.
Shame on you! Was Lynn Jones the only person working in the baggage dept. with the sense to see something was wrong with an animal and courageous enough to defend it? And then you fire her? This is the kind of person who should be admired, not fired. And when you realized it was abused and neglected, you sent it to the horrible owner! At least leak out the name of the owner or report him to Animal Abuse so he can't do this again. He sounds awful, and so is your judgement.
Who the hell are you even talking to? This is - not any airline's website.