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Riga International Airport ( RIX ) Terminal Map Information

Riga International RIX Terminal Map


At present Riga International Airport has a three-level passenger terminal divided into Sectors A through E. *

    Level 1 houses the Schengen Arrival Sector E to the left with Customs, baggage claim, Information counter, and avrious arrivals-related services.  Non-Schengen Departure/Arrival Sector C is to the right; with access to Departure Sector A, gates A1-2. The B gates are divided between B1 in the building part to the right of the center with B1 inside and B10-19 outside. A connector also leads, after passport and security checks to C gates C-21-C9. Level 1 house a Visa office, luggage storage, taxi reservations, internet access, food & drink, duty-free & Travel Value.
    Level 2 houses Departure Sector E, with check-in facilities security checkpoint and access to boading area and services and amenities, and access to to gates B gates B2-B7 and to the connector to C gates C2-C8 (arrivals from C gates C7 & C8 go through customs and passport conrol, and continue to past C2 taking the escalator down to level 1 and to exit..   
Services at level 2 include check-in counters , business lounge, banking & currency exchange, cafes & bars, and regular and duty-free shops.
    Level 3 houses airline offices, a chapel, the  LIDO Restaurant & bar, and Airline offices.
NOTE: The recently completed terminal expansion project offers now an larger & upgraded & VIP Center - located in an annex connected to the terminal, with a lobby & administrative center
 - Passengers can now enjoy the new state-of-the-art ventilation system in the check-in hall.
 - Passengers transferring to a Schengen-zone flight will proceed to the transfer center located between departure sectors A & B at transit corridor.

* NOTE: 
 - Transfer passengers will proceed to the Transfer Center located between departure sectors A & B at the transit corridor - open 6am-midnight.
  - The Terminal Expansion Project has now been completed: It included construction of the new two-level, 214m long /28m wide, 'Northern Gateway' - 240 meters  from the existing terminal - with a connector building to the terminal complex -  adding 4 more boarding gates at non-Schengen area, and a new pier with 19 boarding gates, 3 air bridges, new commercial areas and passenger lounges.  Also, the newly expanded & upgraded VIP Center is located in an annex connected to the terminal, and a lobby & administrative center.
 - Also completed is the new stage of terminal improvements, expanding check-in hall, baggage claim and sorting areas, and the security controls area.
  - Passengers transferring to a Schengen-zone flight will proceed to the transfer center located between departure sectors A & B at transit corridor (open daily 6am-midnight.)
  - Onward passengers to non-Schengen zone may now use the new boarding sectors with extended waiting areas.