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I will be traveling from Philadelphia to Rome, then connecting to Florence. Will I have to claim my checked luggage in Rome or will it travel directly to Florence?
Is it one reservation or two separate reservations? What airlines are you flying?
Flying from Windsor to Palermo via Toronto/Roma. Air Canada then Alitalia to PMO. Booked together as one ticket with Air Canada. Do we claim checked baggage in Rome and clear customs there, or in Palermo?
No, you won't have to claim your bags in Rome, just go through passport control.
We're arriving on El Al from Tlv at night and departing AA TO JFK the next morning.
Will we have to claim the luggage and recheck in the morning?
What time should we get to the airport for. 9:40 flight?
Yes, you will. Plan on arriving at T5 by at least 7 AM.
Im traveling from Windsor, Ontario to PMO via Toronto then FCO. booked complete with Air Canada. I have less than 2 hour to get from one terminal to another. not sure if I have to claim baggage or will they be transferred through to PMO my final destination???
If everything is on the same reservation then your bags will be checked through to Palermo. All you have to do in Rome is go through passport control and to your departure gate. You should have enough time.
Hi, I'll be arriving at FCO (Terminal 3) on Jul. 29, at 13:25pm, and then get on the other flight to CTA on Alitalia (depart at 16:45pm from Terminal 1 I suppose). Is that enough time? The first flight is from TPE-FCO via Emirates, I am thinking of having my registered baggage delivered directly from TPE to CTA, is that possible? Or I must collect my luggage in Rome and recheck it? I will also have hand baggage, do I need to recheck before boarding on Alitalia? Or I can go through from T3 to departure gate.
Are the two tickets on separate reservations? If so Emirates is not obligated to check your bags through to CTA.
I booked separately. But Emirates told me that Alitalia is one of their interline partners, so I can check my baggage through to the final destination even if that is outside their network. If that's the fact, then does that mean I only need to print out my boarding pass at Alitalia counter, and go to departure gate? I suppose I can check in when I land at CTA, right?
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Hi...I am flying Toronto to Rome on Air Canada, and have add-on deal Alitalia flight Rome to Florence that I do not intend to use. Do I normally need to collect bags at Rome FCO if I was to indeed fly onward to FLR? Can I instead ask Air Canada for Bags to be on belt at FCO instead of final ticket destination FLR, so that I can end my journey at FCO as intended?......Thanks in advance for help.
If your tickets are on the same reservation then you would not normally claim your bags in Rome. I don't know if Air Canada will be able to only tag your bags to Rome.
I have a flight from BCN to FCO on lberia that will arrive at 9:00 am. My next flight from FCO to ATH is at 11:00 am on Aegean. What is the possibility of lberia flight delay? and What is the possibility to connect flights conveniently? Thanks
will you have checked (hold) baggage? If not I think you should have no trouble making this. If you do you will have to hope your Iberia flight is on-time and hurry to the baggage claim and the Aegean check-in counter.
Thanks for the quick respond ZAP. I do have baggage. In general are the lberia flights on time? and if yes? will it be too hard to do that. give me a % of doing it conveniently?
It won't be easy regardless. I think you have about a 60% chance of making it.
Does alitalia offer curbside checkin?
I will be traveling to Rome from MIami and connecting with a flight to Tel Avi, do I have to transfer my luggage, will I be using terminal 3 for arrival and departure?