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I'm coming in on Easy Jet at 9:10 and going out on Atalia at 9:50 to Catania. Will I be able to make my connections and when would I go through customs? Thank you for your help.
Hi do you know if Alitalia offer a hotel stay for layovers of 23hours in Rome? I can't get any sense out of them. I know Rome well and I can book my own but I prefer to stay with Alitalia if it's free :-)
Hi we (me..my husband and our 2 years old girl) are planning travelling from Cairo to JFK New York by Alitalia, it mentioned we will have 16 hours layover transit in FCO, we don't have schengen visa. Is there any transit hotel inside the airport which is does not required to get out from airport and do passport control? What are the things we able to do during this transit?
I arrive in Rome at 10:20 and leave for Lemezia at 2:35. What time should I check my luggage for Lemezia
Arriving FCO from Philadelphia at 9:05 AM via American Airlines (Terminal 3, I think). Departing eleven hours later (19:55) via EasyJet (Terminal 2?) for Milan Malpensa. How early will EasyJet accept hold luggage? Is there a "left luggage" service? If yes, where? Will there be enough time to leave FCO for sightseeing in Rome? If yes, how much time should we safely budget to do so, in order to be back at FCO for departing flight. We are US citizens.
You won't be able to check your bags until about 3 hours before your flight. I believe there is baggage storage in the train station.
Thank you.
Hello! Is 1 hour and 15 minutes enough time for a layover at the FCO - Rome airport? We are booking a trip to Athens and this layover is included in our flight on the way over there. We are traveling in from the US. We will not have any bags to deal with as they will be meeting us in our final destination, Athens. Any advice would help as I would really hate to miss our connecting flight to Athens. Thank you all!!!
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Flying Alitalia from Soifa to Chicago can we make a 1 hour layover at FCO?
That is barely enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I will be arriving from Heathrow at 8.25pm, with Alitalia, and transferring to Abu Dhabi, scheduled to leave at 10.00, also Alitalia. Is 1.5 hrs sufficient? (my inner granny gets a bit stressed) Thank you!
Yes, that should be enough time.
Thank you so much! My inner granny is grateful to the moon and back! (via Rome)
Hello, Flying from Palermo to to FCO on Alitalia. Is a 1:05 connection enough to switch flights (to another Alitalia flight) in route to JFK? These would be on separate tickets
This is just enough time, but if you have checked bags you would need to get the Alitalia agent in Palermo to check your bags through to JFK in order to make it.
Hi. I'm a Malaysian and will be flying from Casablanca, Morocco to Kuala Lumpur (via FCO). I plan to leave the airport to visit Colosseum and return back to the airport on the same day during my layover (12 hours+ transit duration). Is it possible?
Yes, Malaysian citizens are allowed to enter the Schengen Area without a visa.