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hello, we're two ladies in our 60's who want to ensure we have sufficient time. we'll fly in on alitalia from LAX and have only 1 hour, before boarding to fly to Brindisi (Puglia). Is that enough time?
That's just enough time if the flight from LAX is on-time.
I would like to know Air transat operate from which terminal and which terminal Alitalia flight to Palermo. Do I connect in the same terminal? Or do I have to change terminal? Do I have to clear customs in Rome or in Palermo? Thank you!
You go through Schengen Entry passport control in Rome. Air Transat will arrive in Terminal 3 and the Alitalia flight departs from Terminal 1.
I am flying from Los Angeles to Rome on Norwegian Air. I have to collect my luggage and then check in again at Transavia for a flight to Rotterdam. Will I have to go through customes and security again? Both airlines operate within Terminal 3. I only have about two hours. Any advice on how to best do this?
I am a senior arriving on KLM at terminal 1 How long is the estimated time of me walking to terminal 3 to catch a hotel shuttle and is the route all connecting under one roof ?
Hi is 2.5hrs enough time from landing on an Alitalia flight from Bologna to departing on an Ethiopian airline she flight to Addis?
Flying from Palermo (PMO) arriving to FCO. Is 3 hours time enough to get my luggage, move to the international terminal, check in, pass immigration and catch an AA flight to the US?
I will be flying in on Blue Air from Romania to terminal 2 and flying out from terminal 3 on Norwegian Air Shuttle to the USA. Is 2 hours enough time? Will I need to claim and recheck luggage or can it be checked all way through? Anything special I need to know?
I have less than an hour... arriving from Athens Alitalia and leaving Ryan air to Barcelona. Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 I believe. Will 45 minutes be enough?
What a great forum--hopefully folks with answers will get engaged!
We will be flying into Rome from Catania, then catching a flight home.
How much time is acceptable between arriving at FCO (via Alitalia or RyanAir), and leaving via American?
Currently I'm thinking 2 hrs 40 min. Enough to disembark, get bags, hustle to other terminal?
Thanks much!
That would be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I am flying from New York to Algiers via Fuimicino Airport.
I have 1hr and 50 minutes to change flight.
I reach Fuimicino with Air France (AF9767) and then continue to Algiers using Alitalia (AZ800).
is the time enough knowing that i will be with my twins less than 3 years. I need this information as soon as possible, because i want to make booking.
Your help is very much appreciated.