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I would like to know Air transat operate from which terminal and which terminal Alitalia flight to Palermo. Do I connect in the same terminal? Or do I have to change terminal? Do I have to clear customs in Rome or in Palermo? Thank you!
I am flying from Los Angeles to Rome on Norwegian Air. I have to collect my luggage and then check in again at Transavia for a flight to Rotterdam. Will I have to go through customes and security again? Both airlines operate within Terminal 3. I only have about two hours. Any advice on how to best do this?
I am a senior arriving on KLM at terminal 1 How long is the estimated time of me walking to terminal 3 to catch a hotel shuttle and is the route all connecting under one roof ?
Hi is 2.5hrs enough time from landing on an Alitalia flight from Bologna to departing on an Ethiopian airline she flight to Addis?
Flying from Palermo (PMO) arriving to FCO. Is 3 hours time enough to get my luggage, move to the international terminal, check in, pass immigration and catch an AA flight to the US?
I will be flying in on Blue Air from Romania to terminal 2 and flying out from terminal 3 on Norwegian Air Shuttle to the USA. Is 2 hours enough time? Will I need to claim and recheck luggage or can it be checked all way through? Anything special I need to know?
I have less than an hour... arriving from Athens Alitalia and leaving Ryan air to Barcelona. Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 I believe. Will 45 minutes be enough?
What a great forum--hopefully folks with answers will get engaged!
We will be flying into Rome from Catania, then catching a flight home.
How much time is acceptable between arriving at FCO (via Alitalia or RyanAir), and leaving via American?
Currently I'm thinking 2 hrs 40 min. Enough to disembark, get bags, hustle to other terminal?
Thanks much!
That would be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I am flying from New York to Algiers via Fuimicino Airport.
I have 1hr and 50 minutes to change flight.
I reach Fuimicino with Air France (AF9767) and then continue to Algiers using Alitalia (AZ800).
is the time enough knowing that i will be with my twins less than 3 years. I need this information as soon as possible, because i want to make booking.
Your help is very much appreciated.

Hi guys,

Is 45 mins enough time to go from my flight arriving from Malaga to my connection flight that goes to Athens? Unfortunatelly through the booking engine I cannot see terminals.