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FCO Gate Connections DISCUSSION

flying on alitalia from boston to FCO on to Barcelona. What terminal do we go to upon arrival? thanks
I will be arriving to FCO from Frankfort on Lufthansa. Then I have a flight on Ryanair to Palermo. Is it a long way to baggage claim and then back to where I will depart on Ryanair?
coming from delta from Atlanta to austrian airlines going to dubrovnik. what is the minimum connecting time?
Hi I will be arriving FCO 7.05am Terminal 3 with Etihad. Will 2 hours be enough time to catch connecting flight to Catania with Alitalia?
I will be coming into Rome on Alitalia from Catania at 7:20 and connecting onto delta operating as Alitalia at 10:40 to NY. Are the terminals close & Is that enough time to get luggage & clear security?
I am arriving on Alitalia in Terminal 3 ,have a connected flight to Malta departing Terminal 1 with Alitalia. how easy is it to go from one terminal to the other
I am arriving into LDV from LHR & have a connecting flight to Havana are the flights in the same terminal? All flights are Alitalia.
I will be flying Alitalia from VCE to FCO and then on Amercan to U.S. Is a 2 hour connect time enough? Can I walk between terminals?
I am flying in from Amsterdam at 9:15 a.m and will fly out at 10:35, I'm wondering if this is enough time to get to my 10:35 flight. Flying in with Iberia and flying out with Lufthansa. Will it be faster to not check in bags? Does it really matter? Thanks!!
I am coming in to Rome from catania on Alitalia, @7:45.. depart Delta 9:45.. do I have far to go in the terminal, will I have time to make the delta connection. Will I have to go through customs ?
It's kind of a far walk but you have enough time. You will go through Schengen Exit Passport Control.