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I am flying MIA to Rome on Alitalia. I have a connecting flight on Alitalia two hours later to Venice. All is on one ticket record. Where to I clear customs? Do I have to pick up my bags? Is there a security for the second flight and passport control?
You will go through Schengen Entry passport control. You will not have to go through security. You don't have to do anything with your bags. You should have enough time.
Hi, I am an Australian travelling to Europe and on the way home have an Alitalia flight booked from Barcelona to FCO arriving 20.10 and an Etihad flight to Sydney departing 22.00. They are on separate tickets and I have been advised I must collect luggage before checking in to 2nd flight. Is this enough time. I believe I arrive terminal 1 and depart terminal 3. Thanks for any assistance
That's pretty difficult but not impossible if the flight from Barcelona is on-time.
I have US passport, I will be flying Alitalia in early June from JFK to Rome, landing on a Wednesday at 8:40 am in Terminal 3. On the same booking reservation code/ ticket, I will be departing from Rome to Naples at 9:45 am from Terminal 1. I booked this flight on the Alitalia website, same reservation code. I will only have Carry on luggage, NO CHECKED Bags. Since I booked this on the official Alitalia website, I thought I'd have sufficient time (1 hour 5 minutes) since Alitalia had this as a flight combination on their website. Now I'm not so sure. Will I? And do I have to go through customs when I land in Rome to get to the flight to Naples?
In Rome you will go through Schengen Entry Passport Control. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I will be traveling from Toronto to FCO via Air Canada then 2 hour 10 min layover before Aegean Airlines flight to Athens. Both flights are in Terminal 3 from what I can tell. Current plan is to check baggage. If that makes the transfer impossible, then if we only do carry-on would it be enough time? Trying to determine if I should book another plane in case.
Is it one reservation or two separate reservations?
Two separate....also the beginning of my honeymoon so I'd like to avoid issues if possible. AC changed the flight time into Rome after I had already booked the Athens flight
If you only have carry-ons you can make it. With checked bags that's probably not enough time unless you can get Air Canada to check them through to Aegean.
I fly houston to paris then paris to rome FVO. Have 1 hour 50 min layover before flight to Athens. Not sure if the flight from Paris and flight to Athens are in same terminal. Will have checked bags. Should I be able to make the connection?
What airlines are you flying? Is everything on the same reservation?
Alitalia. Flight from rome to paris is another reservation.
You will both arrive and depart from Terminal 1. You should have enough time if the flight from Paris is on-time.
I am an India with valid B1/B2 business visa and is flying Alitalia flight with a stop at Rome. Flight is through Abhudhabi and Rome. Do I need a schengen tourist visa or a transit visa?
I have the return trip also planned through the same airport. My B1/B2 USA visa is valid for 10 years, and is not going to expire anytime soon.
Since you have a valid visa to enter the US you do not need an airport transit visa.
Hi my sister is Indonesian and will arrive in Rome by CX at 7:25am ( assuming no delay). She then has connecting flight at 11Am by Aegean on a separate reservation. Do you think there's enough time for her to go through customs, get the luggage and check back in? I think both airlines are in the same terminal but just wondering if that duration was a bit too close. How far is it between the arrival and departure hall? Thank you in advance for your help.
That should be enough time.
I am flying from Dubrovnik, Croatia through FCO and then to Charlotte NC in the United States. It's one ticket but arrives in FCO at 10:30 in Terminal 3 on Croatia Airlines and then departs to Charlote NC at 11:55 from terminal 3 as well on American Airlines. Is that enough time and what is the process with passport control?
If Croatia Airlines is able to issue your AA boarding pass then you just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate, no passport control as Croatia is not part of the Schengen Area.
US citizen arriving FCO on United direct flight from Dulles on a Saturday morning at 8am, has separate ticket on Alitalia flight to Venice at 10:10am with NO checked luggage to collect. United says flight will arrive at Terminal 3, and I believe flight to VCE departs from Terminal 1. After passport control, can one simply walk to Terminal 1 gate, or must we exit, then go through airport security line again?
Yes, you can go directly to T1. Either check in for your Alitalia flight online or stop at the Alitalia transfer desk.
I am arriving fco coming from dubai emirates airlines and i will have connecting flight from fco to florence by al italia plane. How much time do i need
If it's two separate reservations I recommend at least 3 hours.