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arriving with delta from Atlanta USA ,pick up bags and depart to Catania with Rynair
What is the exact itinerary and where are the location?
thank you
You will arrive in Terminal 3, go through Schengen Entry passport control, claim your bags and go through customs, then take your bags to the Ryanair check-in desk in Terminal 2 and go through security.
thank you very much
I arrive on a Delta flight from JFK at 10:20 am then I have a completely separate ticket to Brindisi on Alitalia 4 hours later at 2:20 pm -- do I have enough time to check a bag? My understanding is that I will have to go through customs and immigration and then go through security again.
Yes, that is enough time.
Scared traveler need more information about arriving in Fiumicino airport . She is arriving on an AIr Canada flight from Toronto and then connection to an Alitalia flight to naples. I need to give her specific instruction about how to get from point a to b . Any help will be appreciated.
She should check in for her Alitalia flight online before leaving Canada. Does she have checked bags or not? Is it two separate reservations or one reservation?
Hi, I have a flight on 26th June 2017 to Chicago USA from India and I have 20 hours hold in fco Rome , so I am very worried about transit visa . can I stay at airport or I must required transit visa ? I don't know please help me . thanks .
Due to the length of your layover I believe you need a Schengen Transit Visa.

I have a very tight connection in Rome:

-Arriving on IB5470 from Croatia at 12:45pm on a Friday (Terminal 3)
-Departing to Thailand on TG945 at 1:55pm same day (Terminal 3)

Given that I arrive/depart at the same terminal and will not have any checked bags, I thought I could make it. Is it possible? What can I do in advance to make sure things go smoothly (check in online, call the airline, memorize terminal layout)? Or is there no chance and I should rebook?
Forgot to mention these are two separate bookings
Yes, that should work without checked bags. Just go to the Thai transfer desk once you arrive in Rome if you can't check in online.
Thanks! I remember on arrival seeing a transfer desk with Alita on the right hand side, and a security line on the left hand side. Is the Thai transfer desk the same as the Alita desk or is it past the security point?
Maybe a better way of asking this question - where exactly is the Thai transfer desk?
How long does it take to get bags from Lufthansa flight (US to Frankfurt to Rome) and recheck on Alitalia (Lameiza Termi) (two separate tickets)? Do I have to go through security again in Rome or can I just recheck bags on Alitalia after immigration and customs without going through security again? I want to book an Alitalia flight two hours after the Lufthanza flight arrives. Both flights arrive/depart terminal 1.
You will have to go through security again. I'd want at least 2 hours.
Arriving from Chicago at 7:30a and leaving to Athens at 8:45 on June 27. both Altalia Only carry-on. Is this enough time. I do not know what terminals.
Is there a special fast lane for business
Is the bankruptcy filing affect travel at that date/time
You will arrive in T3 and depart from T1. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Planning to fly from Washington DC to Rome via United Airlines and then connect to an Alitalia flight to Brindisi. These will be two separate tickets. How much time do I need to schedule between flights at FCO? Only carry on luggage. Thank you
With only carry-ons 2-2.5 hours would be doable.
Hi! I'm coming from Brazil to Paris the 08 august 2017 with an 1h connection in Rome by Alitalia.
They say in the reservation that I'll have to change terminals and so take the bag and drop again. 1h is time enough to pass through immigration and take/drop bag? Do you know wich terminal do I arrive and wich one do I depart?

You will arrive in Terminal 3 and depart from Terminal 1. That is barely enough time.
Thanks! I'll do my best
Hello! We are traveling from Montreal to Rome June 13, our flight arrives at 8:30am. We'd like to catch a flight to Genoa. One leaves at 10:20am, the other at 2:20pm. Would we have enough time to catch the 10:20 after going through passport control, customs etc.
FYI- we will only be bringing carry-on luggage
On two separate reservations I'd go with the later one.