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How long does it take to get from the curb (once dropped off) through security then to the gate? I am only taking carry on luggage.
How long does it take to get from the curb (once dropped off) through security then to the gate? I am only taking carry on luggage.
It depends what terminal and where you're going
I have thee same question getting off a cruise in June and flying out on United. Have business glass seat and TSA PreCheck & GLobal
Is there a fast track line at security that is open to United?American premium flyers? Is 2-2 1/2 hours enough time from bag drop to gate?
Flying out on United to the US. I'm not sure which terminal we are departing from.
How/where do I go to pick up transportation for the port?
Hello I was hoping someone could assist. Have a flight tomorrow -- American Airlines to U.S. at 9:15AM. I see conflicting info as to time to arrive prior to flight, however, much of the suggestions are based on having to go to Terminal 5 first, then shuttle back to Terminal 3. I believe I read that recently Terminal 5 has been closed which now would take away the added time necessary to shuttle back and forth two terminals? Would love not to have to get there 3 hours prior. American Airlines shows 7:30AM opening time for check in counter (have bags to check and my app won't let me check in online for some reason)..Any thoughts or suggestions in light of Terminal 5 closing?
Last Aug. 31st I forgot to get my iPad mini with black cover in the tray after the security check enroute to take connecting to Athen, Greece. I noticed around 30 minites before my Alitalia flight departs. So, I went to the police for assistance. The police call the office and directed me to go back at the security check gate. I decided not to go back because I afraid to miss my connecting flight and together with my 2 companions. When I arrived in Athens, Greece, the lost & found rep directed to contact the FCO airport police. Being an american traveler and not familiar of the places, I decided not to pursue the advice.
Can someone advice me where to contact and file a lost & found claim. Thank you.
where can I stay in airport after going through customs?
Flying into fco via delta ticket. We then have alitalia flight to venice which was booked at a different time so not on same itinerary. How does luggage get tagged? Original airport or go through check in process again in rome?
Hey we are doing the exact same thing. I wanted to check and see if you figured out the process or already experienced it. Please let me know.
Our flight arrives at Terminal 1 and our friends are arriving a little later at Terminal 3. Can you please tell us if we can walk with our luggage from the arrival area of Terminal 1 to the arrival area of Terminal 3 directly? Also about how much time would it take to walk and would there be any stairs up or down? Thank you.
On a flight on Alitalia between Chicago and Naples with checked bags. Direct flight from Chicago to Rome. Arrive 7:30am and then depart for Naples on Alitalia at 9:45am. Is this connection time realistic? Do I go through immigration/customs in Rome or Naples?
We are arriving on UA from Newark in terminal 3. Our companions are arriving on AA from Dallas in Terminal 5. Where is best place to meet? Do they have to take a shuttle over to terminal 3 or?