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Hello. Under one reservation and with a US passport, I have flights starting at the US then a layover/transfer of 2 hours at Paris before continuing to FCO (Rome). Where will I go through Customs and Immigration? In Paris (CDG), or at my final destination which is Rome (FCO)? Please reply asap. I need to reserve train transit at FCO. Thank you.
I'll be arriving at Terminal 3, my friends will be arriving on KLM from Norway, which terminal will they be arriving at?
I am arriving off an Emerites flight and need to meet up with my Brother who is arriving on an American Airlines flight 2 hours later.
Where is the best place at FCO to meet up with him?
Where do I return my car rental from Budget at the Rome Airport?
Can I walk from terminal 3 to terminal 1? Meeting someone
We will be arriving from New York on United and need to get to Alitalia. Which terminal does United come in to and which terminal does Alitalia to Palermo leave out of?
Arriving at 5:30, my friend arriving at 7:30 from Canada. Can I wait inside
terminal ? Thank you
How long does it take to get from the curb (once dropped off) through security then to the gate? I am only taking carry on luggage.