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Distance from Metro stop to America Airlines Terminal C gate 36
Hi all,
I know the regular TSA lanes, I just wonder if the TSA precheck lane is near by?
Thanks in advance for your information
how to go from the metro stop to Southwest terminal?
Just follow the signs pointing to Terminal A. It's a bit of a walk but doable.
Is there a special location to check in for your American Airlines SHUTTLE flight? Can you check your bag there too? Where is it located?
It's just at the end of the American Airlines check-in area. Yes, you can check bags.
Chs is Charleston SC
Not Charleston , WV
Need to fix on site search!
Coming off of route 1going south, after exiting onto the airport road, which street do I follow to get to the departure gate B terminal?
I will coming on Southwest and meeting a person coming in on American. Where is a good place to meet?
I have a 3 hour and 22 minutes layover flying on American from BTV. My connecting flight to LHR via American is at IAD. How do i get to IAD and is there enough time? Thank you
Where can I drop someone off at terminal a? Do I have to go in the parking garage to do this?
There's a curbfront in front of Terminal A.
Can you tell me anything about transporting pets on airlines? Today Delta at DCA refused to allow a dog to travel under the seat. We had a friend bringing the dog to us in Arizona (either Phx or Tucson). Any thoughts?