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can you go from terminal to terminal without special transportation and without going outside
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Are there any restaurants in terminal B that are before the security check?
The national hall where all the ticketing for some air carriers. has shops and restaurants while waiting for a flight, picking someone up etc plenty of seats some with power so you can charge phone or laptop while waiting.
If I have a layover in terminal A, will I be able to get food from a shop in terminal B or C, or do I need a ticket for a flight there to get past security?
Terminal A isn't connected to anything else inside security. In fact even in Terminal B and C, different concourses aren't connected inside security.
MWAA is also planning a new "Secure National Hall" project. Currently, National Hall is before security, with a separate security screening area for each of the three concourses.

Since Terminal B and C were designed pre-9/11, the security screening areas are cramped and congested. Further, passengers cannot access the concessions and restaurants of National Hall after they go through security, and going from one concourse to another requires re-screening, or, in certain situations, taking a bus between concourses.

MWAA will build two new screening areas that will place all of National Hall (and the concourses connected by National Hall, including the new regional jet terminal) after security. This will allow passengers to easily connect between all the existing and future gates of Terminal B and C, and to access many more concessions after passing through security
Hi; does anyone know if the chapel at DCA gives out ashes throughout the day?
It is an interfaith chapel, not a Catholic or Orthodox church, so no, they do not.
Is there any place to get a massage at DCA?
Terminal b needs a decent coffee bar...seriously.
Don't allow the fancy tablecloths and wine selections fool you, the food here is uniformly horrible -- even by airport food standards.
Every few months I come back to Jet Rock Bar & Grill near gate 30, because it is the only restaurant with service in that part of the airport. They never disappoint. If you like apathetic waitresses, agonizingly slow service and dry food, you will Love this place.
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