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DCA Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I arrive from Manchester (MHT) on American Airlines and have 30 minutes to connect to my flight to Buffalo (BUF) which is also on American airlines. is that enough time?
waht is the walking time from b33 to c43
I am flying into DCA via Southwest and am flying out to New Orleans from there via Southwest. Does anyone know if the gates are close upon arrival?
I arrive terminal D and my connection is out off terminal A . How long does it take to walk that distance
question distance between B26 and C 35X
Are there moving walkways or motorized shuttles between terminals?
We are coming into gate 23 and connecting to gate 42 American Airlines. Tight connection! Should I have confidence in the bus/shuttle?
I wish to travel from Terminal B to Terminal A.

Do I have to go through security to walk from B to A?
where is gate b23