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Is there a pedestrian walkway to terminal b from terminal at Reagan National?
From A to B? Just the sidewalk along the curbfront.
How do I get from Terminal B gate 31 landing at 2:59 pm to Terminal C Gate 35 which begins boarding at 3 pm and leaves at 3:30... doors close at 3:20
My son is flying by himself arriving at C and departing out of B with 40 minutes in between all on American Airlines. First question- Who's the idiot who designed this? NEVER heard of this situation at any airport. Second - should he take the shuttle and will be be able to bypass security?
How do I get from gate 44c to gate 25 in 20 minutes?
Do i change terminals
Hi there I land tomorrow at Reagan at gate B27 at 07:24. Take off from C44b at 08:34. Will I make it!? Best way please to get from one to the other? No baggage to collect. Is there a shuttle bus still - or not needed. Thanks for help
I land at gate 35X with a 30 minute connection time also out of 35X. My question is, do you have to take the shuttle bus back to the terminal to scan your boarding pass and then get back on a bus for your connect flight? If so I don't think this is possible.
Yes, you do. And yes, it is possible.
My friends have been rerouted and delayed several times. They finally have a flight (delayed) getting into DCA terminal B, gate 34 and have 20 minutes to catch their onetime flight out of Gate 43C, Gate C... Will they make it?
I am planning to fly AA flight 5497 to DCA and depart AA flight 4633 on 2/28/18. Are these gates close to each other. Thank you.
You don't find out your gates until the day of your flight, but they probably will be close to each other.
I have a flight departing from Terminal C. If I wanted to eat at a restaurant located on Terminal B/C would I have to go through Security checkpoint twice or is there a way to get from one to the other?