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DCA Gate Connections DISCUSSION

We are coming into gate 23 and connecting to gate 42 American Airlines. Tight connection! Should I have confidence in the bus/shuttle?
I wish to travel from Terminal B to Terminal A.

Do I have to go through security to walk from B to A?
where is gate b23
How far apart are AA arrival and departure gates? I'm looking at a flight with a 31 minute connection time and don't want to have to go too far in case of delay on first flight.
I have the same issue tomorrow. one was at gate 33 the other at 35x (separate terminals.) what was your experience
Is this possible? If not, this being a late flight, are the airline responsible for finding a hotel if I don’t make it?
I will
I will land in dc a gate c44 , my friend lands at gate b32 . I have checked luggage
How I go from terminal c to b . Hoa long it take
How far apart is American Airlines and Delta Airline,
What is the quickest route and do I have to go through s3curity for a second t8me
Coming in at Gate 35X leaving from gate 43C. How long to walk? Or is there a tram? I need fastest route. Only 45 minutes between arrival and departure. Help please
Is there a TSA check point between terminals C and B/C?