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I have a flight departing from Terminal C. If I wanted to eat at a restaurant located on Terminal B/C would I have to go through Security checkpoint twice or is there a way to get from one to the other?
Arriving at C41, departing B33 with 38 minutes between. Do I need to go back through TSA? Is this tight connection possible?
Yes, you have to go through security again. That is barely possible.
You can also take a shuttle inside security, but it may not save you much time.
I'm landing at 35x, on an AA flight, with 30 minutes to get to Terminal B. I've read (here and elsewhere) that there is a bus/van for AA passengers between the two piers, from gates 36/38 area. I've also read (here, from regular poster ZAP) that there is NOT a van. So which it is? Can I take this elusive van? or do I have to go thru security at Terminal B entrance?
There is a shuttle to the center pier but not the South Pier of C. 35X itself requires taking a shuttle.
We are coming from EYW, arriving American 4648 at 2:48 connecting American 4438 at 3:45 to PHL. We don’t know terminals yet. Both planes are e75
Is this enough time?
Your gates should be very close together. It could even be the same plane. You have enough time.
I have a 48 minute layover and need to get from gate 33 to gate41? Will I have enough time? Will I need to get checked in bag? Easiest way to get there please and thanks
My flight time has been changed - leaving 30 minutes (if on time) to connect on American Airlines. It does not indicate a terminal change. Is this enough time, or should I re-book that leg of the flight?
what is the walking time from C35X to B27? Should I walk or take the tram?
I arrive B33 leave C39 AA I take a shuttle or walk have never flown this airport before oh 35min. Layover!! Thanks
I arrive at terminal c, gate 42. Depart terminal C gate 35x. I have 44 mins layover. Is that enough time?
Where do you pick up the shuttle? Is it well marked?